A Healthier Football Party

Disclaimer: I received products mentioned in this post in exchange for feature. All opinions are my own.

It’s Football Season!!
This means a few things…
1.) If you or someone you know plays fantasy football, then expect a lot of football talk. There might be more screen time researching players and proposing trades as well.
2.) There will always be something to watch on Sunday, Monday night and Thursday night. (If you like football)
3.) The start of tailgating, football parties, and good food.
Most football parties I’ve been to include a lot of unhealthy options. I’m sharing my favorite healthy foods to include that still fit the theme of a football party!

Replacing your chips with Beanitos!

These chips are made with beans, so they have more protein, fiber, and antioxidants! Beans have so many health benefits, and Beanitos made them into a chip – perfect for snacking!!
They also have their new White Bean crunch Mac N Cheese. Also made with beans, and free of any artificial flavoring! These are toddler approved as well, which is always a bonus!

This all new snack is now available at Costco, but selling out fast. You can also find the product, and other Beanitos’ flavors at Albertson’s, C & K Market, and Market of Choice in Oregon.
Wholly Guacamole is the perfect dip for any party!

It’s no secret that acacadoes are incredibly good for you. Wholly guacamole makes the perfect, easy to serve guacamole is various flavors!

I love a good homemade salsa, which can be made to your taste! Salsa can be made fruit, spicy, chunky, smooth, and so many other ways. It’s a must for a good party!

For desserts, Chloe’s pops are a must!

These pops are not only delicious, but healthy as well. With just fruit purée, water and a touch of sugar, it’s mommy approved! Graydon loves these treats and I never feel guilty giving them to him. We’ve been enjoying them all summer long, and will continue to enjoy through the fall as well! These pops can be found at Safeway, New Seasons, and different health stores.

Not shown: you’ll see us sipping on La Croix sparkling water & Humm Kombucha\\\
(my favorite drink) and an Oregon native brand!

I definitely encourage you to try these snacks out. They are some of our families favorite treats and they’re pretty healthy too!
Who else is excited for football season? What team will you be cheering on? Does your family have any favorite snacks for watching the game?

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