How to Eat Breakfast with a Newborn & a Toddler

Disclaimer: I received products in this review for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Okay mamas, if you’re anything like me, mornings can be a serious headache! When you wake up to a toddler and a newborn – getting that first cup of coffee down can be seriously impossible. And breakfast? no way… am I right?

The only problem is, as a nursing mama, I wake up STARVING.

Here is a glimpse into my morning…. take the toddler potty… nurse the baby… feed the toddler… change babies diaper…. take toddler to the potty…. try to get baby back to sleep…. entertain toddler..

After the above is all complete, it’s almost lunch time, and all I’ve had are a couple sips of coffee and snacks.

To avoid a cranky mama, and eating junk, I stocked up on some Sweet Earth Natural Foods breakfast burritos and sandwiches. These can easily be popped into the microwave and eaten with one hand while doing mom things with your other hand (nursing, feeding, reading, playing, etc).

Sweet Earth strives to be fueled by plant based meats, delicious and nutritious, premium and culinary, worldly and local, natural, non- GMO and organic as possible.

Their food is not only made with the best, and healthiest ingredients, but they are incredibly good! They are even approved by my husband and father, who normally do not like vegetarian foods.

Besides their breakfast options they have savory grounds, veggies meats, and artesian bowls. Every item I have tried has been equally amazing. Normally I’m not a fan of quick, microwavable meals, but Sweet Earth is a game changer.

I couldn’t have discovered a more perfect food at  a better time.

Sweet Earth is tasty, healthy, and incredibly simple to prepare. It’s perfect for a busy working lifestyle, and busy stay at home moms alike.

Now, I’m off to TARGET (yes these are stocked at target) to restock my freezer.  Head to the Sweet Earth website to find your local retailers and for a coupon!

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