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Friends and family, my first born, the one who made me a mom is about to be two and a half! What a random age to make a fuss about, but this one is tough on me. I was okay with one, fine with two, but two and a half is a little much. I officially feel like I should tell people he is two and a half, not just two, and he is officially going to be closer to three.

So here is a little update on my favorite two and a half year old out there….

His favorite sayings….

  •  “I’m just trying to __________” (fill in the blank with literally anything you can imagine a toddler doing)
  • “where is (mommy/daddy/grandma/grandpa)?” followed by…. “but I need him/her”
  • “I just grow up like a big boy and get so cute/strong”
His favorite activities…..

  • Zumba with grandpa
  • Playing cars
  • Reading books
  • playing soccer and baseball
  • Running and jumping (building jump pads with pillows and blankets)
  • Building houses out of basically anything to “KNOCK OVER”
His favorite shows….

  • Umi Zoomi
  • Super Why
  • Daniel Tiger
His favorite books…

  • Peanut Butter and Cupcake
  • Car’s and Truck’s and Things That Go
His Favorite Songs:
  • Jesus Loves Me
  • Uptown Funk
  • Hakuna Matata
  • Holy (Florida Georgia Line)
He has been cracking me up on basically every outing. He loves to say hi to everyone, and then wants to carry on a conversation with anyone who responds. He almost always asks people… “What are you doing?”. He loves pushing his own cart at the store and ordering his own food at restaurants. He is incredibly protective over his baby brother, and refuses to go anywhere without him! If anyone threatens to keep baby brother he about cries and says “I need him, he’s mine”.  He loves to snuggle and gives the best hugs and kisses. He tells me he loves me out of no where and he is constantly melting my heart.

& a little mommy brag moment – Taking a toddler and a newborn places alone can be challenging, but this one makes it a breeze! He knows exactly where to wait while touching the car when I put baby brother in his car seat. He pushes his own cart at the grocery store and patiently follows me and helps me put stuff in the cart. He even returns his cart (within my vision) to the correct place alone while I pay for our groceries and comes right back to ask for a sticker. He is so polite and I am so incredibly proud of this toddler.

So here’s to my favorite little 2.5 year old. The sweetest, most caring, and snuggly little boy I am so proud to call my son! 


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