Goodbye Bump, Hello Fourth Trimester

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Whether it’s your first or fifth child, nothing can prepare you for the fourth trimester. You spend nine months sharing your body, and just when you think you are getting it back, that fourth trimester hits you.

The rule of thumb for maternity leave should be:
[I’ll return to work once my body returns to normal]

I mean is it really fair to ask a mom to leave her baby before her bump goes away? It’s the only thing shouting “I’m not pregnant… I just grew this thing in my belly for nine months”. I forget how long they say you will look seven month pregnant, but it’s a lot longer than I’d like and  I’d prefer not getting asked when my due date is.

Grandma’s Baby Place

So here are some things to expect during the fourth trimester….

1.) Goodbye Bump

There is a good chance you will still have a bump. Luckily there are products that can help minimize it if you so choose.

Belly Bandit 
Bravado Designs
Belly Bandit 

2.) Hello Leaks

You will probably be leaking. So stock up on nursing pads & feminine pads. After both of my pregnancies I ran out of feminine pads at home – and going out was the last thing I felt like doing.

3.) Hello Postpartum

You thought dressing a bump was hard? Try dressing a postpartum, nursing body. You’ll be in-between sizes and trying to find things you can easily nurse your newborn in – which is near impossible!

4.) Hello Baby

You really don’t get your body back. It still belongs to the baby for as long as you nurse him/her.

5.) Hello Recovery

Recovery is painful. You can’t workout for weeks after and you could be bleeding for weeks!

6.) Hello Apatite

You’ll be starving and thirsty, but probably won’t want to cook or move from that rocking chair. Even if you do want to move, your little one might not let you.

7.) Goodbye Sleep

The first few weeks might seem like a breeze with how much your little one is sleeping, but don’t let that fool you. Around week 4 you might have a baby who wants to be held 24/7!

8.) Hello LOVE

You’ll probably wonder how on earth you can love someone you just met so much.

9.) Some more LOVE

You’ll also probably wonder how you feel like you’ve known this child forever when it’s only been a couple of weeks.

10.) Motherhood is a Roller Coaster

You might even think about having another baby in the future…. and literally two seconds later decide to never have another kid again.

Whatever you are feeling during that fourth trimester, remember you aren’t alone. There is always someone to talk to. At the beginning of each of my pregnancies I joined private Facebook groups (found through the WTE app) of women who were all due around the same time. These ladies are literally my rock during hard times. I can ask them anything and tell them anything and they totally understand. Find a place or a person to talk to, it helps!

Remember that what your body just did is incredible! Don’t stress about weight loss, body image or anything like that. Give yourself time and just love on that little miracle!

This post is sponsored by Belly Bandit and contains Affiliate Links, all opinions are my own!

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  1. Heather Harris says:

    Not related to the article at all – WHERE did you get that dinosaur outfit? I’m expecting baby boy #2 in a little over a month and I’m crazy about collecting dinosaur stuff for him. That outfit is SO adorable!

    • Mommy On The Mound says:

      Isn’t it?? IT’s from Grandma’s Baby Place – I don’t see it on her website anymore though 🙁

      If I find it laying around I’ll send you an email!!!

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