Two Month Update with Little Nugget

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I cannot believe my little nugget is two months old already. He has brought so much joy into our family and it has been such a fun and challenging transition. Graydon is absolutely in love with his little brother and has been such a great helper.

Beckett Loves

  • Being held
  • Being worn
  • Naps on his tummy
  • Bath time in his Puj tub
  • When he is swaddled
  • Looking at his brother 
Beckett does not love
  • Being in the car
  • His car seat
  • Being alone (I swear he wakes up as soon as I leave the room)
He is starting to smile, has the sweetest coos and is great at tummy time. He started rolling over before he was a month old and is incredibly strong. 

He is growing up way too fast and we are all feeling incredibly blessed!

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