Falling for Lularoe

Falling for Lularoe

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Lularoe Natalie Wollam. 

If you haven’t heard of Lularoe, you might be living under a rock (okay, I’m only kidding). I discovered Lularoe earlier this year, and instantly fell in love. It was exactly what my pregnant body needed.

Clothes that stretched with my growing body, buttery soft for comfort and made me look and feel great! 

A couple months postpartum and into the fall season, I’m falling for Lularoe all over again.

First off, let me tell you about Natalie Wollam. She is one of the most hard working girls I know. She’s my younger cousin, currently in school to become a social worker. Her goal in life is to help and support people of all kind.

 She started Lularoe as a way to support herself as she is working her way through college. After having three jobs, and a full load of classes, she realized how beneficial a flexible job would be. What a great opportunity to support such a hard working, and motivated college student (while getting yourself in some amazing clothes).

I for one am loving how the Julia fits so perfectly into my fall wardrobe. Join her Facebook VIP group, follow her on Instagram, and get shopping.

Bulk up your fall and winter wardrobe. Start crossing the girls off of your Christmas shopping list. Just think about how cozy you’ll be in buttery soft leggings sipping coffee by the fire.

Are you new to Lularoe, or already loving all of their styles? What style is on your wish list?

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  1. XO Kerry says:

    Love LuLaRoe! I want someone in my family to start selling it. Oh wait, I'd probably be broke. Ha! Love how you styled this.

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