Master Bedroom Makeover || Part 3: Overview

My Pajamas // BEDHEAD
Boys Pajamas // Finn & Emma

Disclaimer: This blog post is brought to you by Ingenuity and Bedhead Pajamas.

After almost two months into this whole, room sharing with two boys thing, I’d say we have a pretty good set up!

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The Beddy’s Bedding has been such a great thing to have. It has really made mornings easier, just zipping the bed up! For now it is a wonderful option. Down the line we may change, however – a friend has told us about this silk bedding set they got, and it sounds very comfortable! Back on track, though. The Lorena Canal rug has made for a great area for the boys to play as well. Our decorating is not finished yet though! We have found a great Night light online that we are tempted to order soon! A friend of ours recommended that we check out some salt lamps as they give off a subtle light that works perfectly in bedrooms.

Since then we have added in the Ingenuity Travel Playard. With the zip in infant sleeper, it has given Beckett such a cozy place to sleep. I also appreciate that it gives him a place to sleep near us, but in his own space. Plus, as he grow he can still use it as a Playard and a place to sleep!

This Playard is great for travel, and it’s also the perfect size to keep in your room, or living room without taking up too much space.

To end this makeover, I’d like to wrap up adding in the best pajamas…..

For the boys, it doesn’t get cozier than Finn and Emma organic pajamas. For myself, I am in love with Bedhead Pajamas. They are so comfortable, and they are perfect for nighttime nursing. The button up top makes those middle of the night feeds so much easier! Plus, these pajamas are adorable! They have such great prints to choose from. When it comes to romantic nights in, I tend to wear my silk sleepwear instead which helps me forget I’m a mum for a second and just enjoy some alone time with my husband, just like we used to do when we were younger, but day to day it’s got to be the Bedhead Pajamas.

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