PNW Shop Round Up

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by the shops mentioned below.
Blanket: Minted Method Shop // Modern Burlap

These days, there are so many small businesses out there that people don’t hear about. That’s such a shame because most of these small businesses create amazing products at great prices. Mostly, these businesses are online as this gives them a better chance of getting sales. A lot of companies look to divert traffic to their website by getting in touch with an seo company that can help them to increase their online visibility. By using relevant keywords, these companies can build backlinks for the small stores, helping them to achieve more visitors on their websites. Hopefully, more people will visit their websites as many of them have amazing products for sale. I’m so lucky to have a platform where I can share some of my favorite small businesses, so I’m going to make use of that today. I love supporting small shops and brands and I especially love when they are local!
Here is a round up of some of my favorites!
Minted Method – One of my favorite online boutiques created by a Seattle mama. You’ll find the greatest collection of modern baby products and clothes here! This shop is especially great for boy moms looking for great modern looks! Shown below is a Modern Burlap blanket purchased from their shop!

Lumber Gypsy – This mama and her husband make the cutest handmade stuff for families. Her style is edgy and woodsy and everything I love about the PNW. I love her turbands, skirts, leggings and tees!
Sweet Jays – Sweet Ashley from Sweet Jays started her shop after the loss of her first baby. She now stays at home making beautiful things for babies and mamas with her two children and husband who suffered a severe brain injury. Seen below is her Nursing Cover/ Scarf. Unlike the usual multi-use covers, hers has two holes allowing mom to have more movement while nursing!

Burp Necessity – Kathy, a mother of two created and designed the perfect burp cloth for mamas. Burping a baby is messy, and these are a serious life saver!

Some other PNW shops I love include, Marsh Mueller, Puj, Rad Revolution, and Goumi Baby.


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