The Hardest Stage, A Letter to First Time Parents

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Becoming a parent is challenging. There is no doubt about that. That moment you find out you’re expecting, you realize you are responsible for something so precious. You are expected to care for another human. A tiny, beautiful blessing.

If you are anything like me, the firs thing you want to do is read, ask for advice, and soak in all of the information you possibly can. You start planning, decorating, and buying all sorts of good stuff.

And then, the baby is born, and that first “stage” begins. It’s a tough one, no doubt about that. Sleepless nights, unexpected sounds, spit up, poop, and the list goes on. Somehow god blesses you with enough energy and love to make even the most difficult times, special. Then you eventually move onto the next stage. A roller coaster of events getting you through those first 1, 2, 3 years, leading you into more stages for the next 15 years.

You might find yourself thinking about what the hardest stage was, or asking your parenting friends what the hardest stage will be. Some may say teething, some may say the first month, some may say the terrible twos, or potty training, maybe even those teenage years. Some may say that the hardest stage was before they were even born. Trying to find all those perfect and essential things you would them for them to ensure they had the best start to life. This stage should be filled with enjoyment when you’re looking for the best stroller that you can find, for example. You can find some here at if you’re struggling, (I’ve heard that they’re meant to be quite good). Every stage is hard, but you just need to embrace it as they will be grown-ups before you know it!

The truth is, the hardest stage is – its all just a stage.

All of it, every single leap, struggle, fear, attitude, it’s all just a stage, and that is the hardest part.

If you’re looking for easy, well there isn’t easy. Once those stages are over, your baby is grown up. Each stage leads to more independence. It leads to your child growing up, becoming their own individual person. A person who will no longer need you.

I know it’s hard, parenting isn’t easy. I don’t think it’s meant to be. Each stage comes with new challenges, and sometimes it feels like it never ends. Just remember that each stage comes the opportunity to bond, teach and grow with your child.

Cherish every moment, count your blessings, and snuggle that baby every chance you get.


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  1. What a great post and so very true! Every “stage”is hard and it's own unique ways !

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