What Nobody Told you About Breastfeeding || Featuring Latched Mama

You hear a lot about breastfeeding before you have kids. I remember hearing how hard it is. 

You hear a lot of discussion on how long people breastfeed, jokes on kids nursing for too long, or bicker about breastfeeding in public. You hear about the best pumps, bottles, nursing covers, nursing pads and nursing bras. But here are some things they don’t tell you…..

Nursing Top // Latched Mama

1.) It can be incredibly peaceful. Once you get through the hard part. You get hours out of your day, snuggled with your little one. 

Nursing Sweatshirt // Latched Mama
2.) It’s a pretty good time to binge watch a TV show. I mean it’s a good time to bond, but sometimes Netflix will call your name. 

3.) It is so much more than just food. It’s comfort, it’s soothing, it’s a familiar place.

4.) The saying “squirt some breastmilk on it” – its true, it’s good for everything.

5.) Speaking of that saying…. if you’re anything like me and have over supple issues…. it’s more like “spray some breastmilk on it”

Nursing Top // Latched Mama
6.) It eventually becomes second nature. What once was totally awkward to do in front of anyone, it becomes a completely natural instinct. (This may not happen until your second or third child)

Nursing Scarf & Cover // Sweet Jays Place

7.) There may come a day you find yourself wondering if your child is going to nurse his/her way through college.

8.) You’ll feel incredibly powerful, knowing that all your baby needs is you. It doesn’t matter if you leave the house with nothing but the baby, because everything that little one needs is you. 

9.) If you had pregnancy cravings, they hold nothing on breast feeding cravings. 

10.) Eventually that baby will drink that last drop of mommy milk. It’s the most bitter sweet moment. You finally have your body back, but your baby is onto a new stage. You’ll hold onto those sweet memories, and watch them become more and more independent. 


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