Motherhood is Messy & 5 Ways I Keep it Clean

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Dyson. All opinions are my own.

Motherhood is messy, and as a self proclaimed clean freak, I’ve had to learn to let some things go.


-Allowing my toddler to feed himself. 

-Play doh, Kenetic Sand, paint, markers – I’m thinking about the clean up process before I even get it out. 

-The loads of laundry, literally endless. My basket will never be empty.

-Do I even mention potty training?? Definitely messy with boys. Sometimes I just have to deal with the fact that pee doesn’t always stay in the toilet!

My list could go on. It’s hard to find the time to keep everything spotless. There are some things I don’t let go though. Vacuuming, picking up clutter, sanitizing, and making the bed are a few.

Here are some ways I keep things clean….

1.) No shoes in our house. We don’t step in the cleanest places while we are out (think public restrooms), and I don’t want any of those germs tracked back into our home. 

2.) Clean as you go. I make sure Graydon cleans up before he moves onto the next activity.

3.) After I put the boys to bed, I spend 20 minutes picking things up, folding clothes, and doing dishes. Such a short amount of time can really help keep things tidy.

4.) Disinfect. Having a good disinfectant wipe is a lifesaver. It quickly cleans up any messes – especially while potty training.

5.) Having a good vacuum. I hated vacuuming for the longest time and now it’s my favorite chore. I know the benefits, I have a great helper and I love my vacuum!

It’s so important to vacuum, it reduces allergies, it reduces bacteria, it helps keep the air clean, your home feels cleaner. It forces you to pick up clutter as well. Having a good vacuum makes this easier and assures you that it’s doing a good job. It’s never fun hauling a huge heavy vacuum around the house.

Our Dyson seriously gets the job done. I can use it on our carpets, floors, under beds and tables, in the car, and cracks/crevices. With the different attachments, I can clean the entire house and car! This vacuum makes sure everything stays spotless.

It’s also cordless, and lightweight. Since I’m carrying around a lot of extra weight with two kiddos, this is a must. I almost always have a kid attached to me while cleaning! 

This vacuum is also quiet, so my toddler now says “I like the quiet vacuum” and doesn’t hate it every time I have to vacuum.

I’m not sure how I have lived in this house for four years without a Dyson, but I’m sure glad to have one now!!

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  1. shannanpanganiban says:

    You are the cutest & I die for the fact that your son is matching you! Looks like an amazing product too!

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