Preparing for Cold and Flu Season

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With a husband who works around hundreds of kids a week, and two grandparents who work in elementary schools – I make sure I head into cold and flu season prepared.

My favorite remedy is breast milk. Perfect, since I’m nursing Beckett! I’ll also be able to pump milk for Graydon if he seems to be getting sick.

My second favorite remedy is Elderberry syrup! I highly recommend reading more about it. This stuff has been a lifesaver since becoming a mom. It’s natural and I’ve taken it pregnant and while breastfeeding. I even get the kids Syrup for Graydon. It’s great for keeping your immune system up and helping get over illness quicker. This is the kind I get!

I also love California Baby products.


• Hand Soap – it’s great having a gentle and effective hand soap during this time! Especially since we will be constantly washing our hands.

• Hand Sanitizer – This stuff is amazing. It’s perfect for on the go, and it isn’t filled with a bunch of icky toxins and chemicals. I love that it’s perfectly safe for little hands!


Bubble Bath with Eucalyptus • No matter how hard I try, these boys will likely catch something. Nothing makes you feel better like a nice warm bubble bath and the smell of eucalyptus to help you breathe and relax.

Of course eating healthy and getting a good amount of rest is important as well!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or nurse. For any medical advice you should contact your provider. All information is based on my research and experience.



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