Quality Time Featuring Gentry California

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Gentry California.

Quality time, it’s my love language. I love being around people I love and nothing beats quality time during the holiday season.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve felt more stress during this time of year though. Between finding the perfect gift, decorating, budgeting, and planning – things can become stressful fast.

It’s so important to step back and remember what the holidays are all about.

A time for family.

A time to celebrate Jesus.

A time to be thankful and grateful.
I’ve decided to put these things first this year. I want to make sure we spend stress free time together. I want to build memories, and I want our boys to know the importance of quality time.

I look forward to quality time – reading, playing, doing projects, teaching our boys. I look forward to simple days at home together.

Nothing beats hanging out with the fam in matching pajamas! I’m loving our monogrammed Christmas pajamas from Gentry California!

What does quality time mean to you and your family??

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