Three Tips for Traveling with Two

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We just had our first experience traveling with two kids. Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert, and I’m not really sure I’m ready to do it again. However, I have been planning our next trip at I just can’t help myself.

I did learn some things along the way, and thought I’d share a few tips though.

1.) Be ready for anything.

Schedules are off, routines are out and you’re in a new environment. It’s so different for the kids, and knowing/understanding this is half the battle! To give you a head start, it may be best to plan out your itinerary for the entire visit beforehand in order to keep some form of structure to the trip. We’ve been looking maybe visiting Tokyo and the Asakusa district in particular. We think it may be useful to research things to do that might be more suitable for the children. Don’t expect to be able to stick to your plan at all times, but it might prove a useful aid in the slightly more testing parts of the holiday! When traveling to exotic destinations like Thailand or Cambodia it is very important that you have all had your holiday vaccinations in order to protect the welfare of your family whilst vacationing. Peace of mind can really help you wind down and relax when traveling.

2. ) Nap time on the go

This can be challenging. With two (or more) you now have multiple sleep schedules to work around. Having a baby carrier for the baby to sleep in (Lillebaby) and a stroller for the toddler to nap in is huge. Getting back to the hotel for nap time isn’t always feasible – and you might be there all day if you have more than one napper. Being prepared for naps on the go is a must!

3. ) Extra Stuff

So With two you now have a lot of extra stuff. Be prepared with a great diaper bag, and a stroller to hold all the extras and lighten your load.

All in all, traveling isn’t a whole lot different from one to two, unless of course, you are traveling alone. I don’t have any experience with that yet. If there are two of you to take on the two or more kiddos, it’s not too bad.

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