A Simple Guide to Cloth Diapering

I always hear about people interested in cloth diapering, a little unsure about it. It can definitely be a little intimidating at first. The great thing about cloth diapering is how far it has come. There are so many great brands that offer modern, and simple ways to cloth diaper.

I am sharing five ways to simplify cloth diapering and all about one of my favorite brands. Thank you to Charlie Banana for sponsoring this post!

Charlie Banana cloth diapers are soft, eco-friendly, free of harsh toxins found in many diapers, and incredibly absorbent!

The novelty of Charlie Banana Hybrid All in One diaper (One Size) is that it includes improved cloth inserts, which have an extra soft upper layer made out of fleece. This gives you a choice to place the insert inside the pocket, or to put it on top of the pocket with the fleece layer against the baby’s skin. There is also an option to use biodegradable disposable insert when out and about. Please see the image attached listing all 3 options of how to use inserts – ALL IN ONE diaper:-)


Simple Guide to Cloth Diapering:

1.) Poop.

There will be poop. Fortunately newborn poop can just be thrown in the wash. When they start solids there are a couple ways to make it easier on you. There are disposable inserts that can be thrown away. My favorite is using a diaper sprayer and Spray Pal to spray the poop right into the toilet (super easy).

2.) Understand Wash.

Find a detergent that is safe for cloth diapers. Personally, I like to make my own. There are great options including a detergent from Charlie Banana. I always wash all the diapers together on hot/heavy cycle. Be sure to read the instructions on wash and remember that the sun is great for taking out those pesky stains!

3.) Be Prepared.

Have diapers with inserts and liners (if you use them) ready! Always have a wet bag to keep your dirty diapers as well. Also make sure you have a cream that is safe for cloth diapers like Charlotte’s Bum Butter! Diaper rash can be so uncomfortable for babies, but there are products out there that can help to clear it up. For more information about how to treat diaper rash, go to babycro.com.

4.) Learn about wool covers.

If you ever experience night time leaks, wool covers can be a life saver!

5.) Try not to get addicted to buying all the cute patterns and colors.

Seriously, cloth diapers are way too cute! I love all the great patterns and how adorable they always look!

If you’ve been thinking about Cloth Diapering, I highly recommend it! We still use disposable occasionally, especially when traveling. I save so much money and love knowing that these diapers will get so much use out of them!

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6 Responses

  1. Marian says:

    Love the tips! We love our cloth diapers and I totally fail at tip #5!

  2. Morgan says:

    I’m on baby number four, and have never tried cloth diapering, but thank you for all the great information because I may just give it a try!!

  3. Erika Ortega says:

    A close friend of mine did cloth diapers. Never got to see a baby in one until we hung out one day. It looked so much easier than what I thought plus she saved so much money doing this!

  4. Jessica says:

    Thanks for sharing your tips! I’ve thought about going cloth soooo many times, and this post helped convince me even more!

  5. Amber Starr says:

    YAY! I love when others share the cloth diaper love. I’ve never tried Charlie Banana diapers but have heard so many great things about them.

  6. Jordan says:

    Mommy props to anyone who cloth diapers! We tried and failed, but these pointers would have come in handy!

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