A Crunchy Mom’s Co-sleeping Adventure

Sleep, it’s the number one question I hear from other moms. Every day I hear mothers asking each other questions along the lines of should your baby sleep through the night? It’s one of the biggest concerns people have when talking about their babies. It’s also one of those things that everyone thinks they have the best advice on. No question is a silly question, as a parent all you want to do is protect your child and make sure they are safe at all times! One thing people commonly question is – is it safe if my baby sleeps with eyes open or should they be closed? Things like this are so important to understand! Nevertheless, these articles are here to help you throughout the whole process.

Thank you Snuggle Me Organic for sending a sample for us to test!

Here is some advice I was given, and I’ve heard given to other people:

-Let them cry it out, it’s hard at first, but they’ll learn to “self soothe”.

-Give them formula, it sounds like they are hungry.

-Start them on Rice Cereal so their bellies will be fuller.

-They don’t need to nurse to sleep, even though some people think that is the only way.

As a first time mom I automatically thought that what I was doing, and what felt natural to me was wrong. Fortunately, I learned a lot from Kelly Mom, Dr. Sears, The Leaky Boob, and other research.

I realized that what I was doing was okay, some would even say excellent for my babies health!

So my biggest piece of advice is do what you feel is best, and need to do for your family! Understand that you know your baby, and that you can trust your instinct. If you start to notice that your baby is changing or things are different to how they were before, then that’s just a sign that your baby is growing. You will probably find that at about 4 months, they won’t just fall asleep at any point (for long periods of time), this is known as the 4 month sleep regression and is something that every mother panics about. It’s only natural that you will start to worry when your little one doesn’t go to sleep straight away. But don’t worry, this is perfectly normal and things are only going to get more interesting the older your child gets (just wait till they become a teenager!).

Also, use the internet to your advantage. There is so much research supporting the different options for sleep! How amazing is that? If you don’t feel right doing something, or feel that something isn’t working for your family – just try something else.

Now onto our co-sleeping story…..

When my first was born he alternated sleeping in the Rock N Play and in my bed. He had colic, and nursing to sleep was the only thing working for me. Babywearing was also helpful, but nights were tough, and sleeping was minimal! He slept in our bed for two years, nursing to sleep every single one of those nights, and back to sleep multiple times through the night…..(I survived)! I learned that two years is a really short time, that sacrificing some sleep to parent the way I felt was best was completely worth it. He sleeps in his own bed in our room now, he occasionally makes his way into our bed on cold nights, but he sleeps on his own and through the night!

My second is now spending most nights in our bed in the Snuggle Me Organic nest. I love that it gives him a cozy place to sleep!

I love that the Snuggle Me Organic is non-toxic, designed to make my baby feel safe and secure, and made in the USA with the highest quality materials!!

10 years ago, we created and patented the first-ever, multi-functional lounging and co-sleeping bed for babies. The idea was to recreate the womb with a portable, comforting lounger that could be used for co-sleeping, daily naps near mom, or for providing a familiar place to rest while traveling.

Our little invention was such a huge success in supporting mamas postpartum that it is now recommended by midwives, doulas, infant massage therapist & pediatric chiropractors all over the world as the “must-have” product for co-sleeping families.

The Snuggle Me Organic is perfect for Co-Sleeping families and give baby a safe and familiar place to sleep!

So here is to moms making the best choice for their family and sticking to it!

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