Should Technology be Included in Your Toddler’s Schedule


I feel like in this day and age, it is so hard to know how to incorporate and balance technology in our children’s lives.  The recommendations are constantly changing for screen time, and the studies are all so vague. Technology has all of a sudden become such a huge part of our every day life – yet often takes away from other essential parts of life (human interaction, staying active, and becoming addicted to technology in general).


As a former teacher with a degree in elementary and special education – I see both the harm and help in technology. In our local school district, every single child is given an iPad. Computers are used weekly, if not daily, and every student needs to know how to take assessments on the computer and iPad.

Introducing technology early on can definitely give children a head start on using these items in school.

I have chosen to keep screen time to a bare minimum in our house, while being very intentional on how it is used. Graydon will be three in March – and I allow no more than 1 hour of screen time during the day. (this does not include his time with his Grandpa haha)

His screen time includes TV – we watch shows like Super Why and Umizoomi, which incorporate Literacy and Math skills. I also appreciate shows like Daniel Tiger, which promote social emotional skills.

The other part of his screen time is spent on iPad apps, or the computer. One of our favorite programs is ABCmouse.

*Thank you ABCmouse for sponsoring this post – this post may contain affiliate links.*

Graydon and I now spend 20 minutes a day on ABCmouse. He is so engaged the entire time, and has picked up so much already! Graydon was able to recognize his entire upper case alphabet by two, and honestly I have been avoiding lower case letters. ABCmouse has made my life so much easier by giving me fun activities to teach him lower case letters!

Games – Puzzles – Reading – Math – Art – Colors – Music

ABC Mouse with Grandpa!

These are all skills included in this program. It is both educational and engaging. Here are some reasons why ABCmouse is worth the purchase.

  • It includes formative assessment tools – this allows the program to adjust to your child’s level, and allow you to see the growth!
  • Progress Tracking – this keeps up with everything for you
  • Rewards – Graydon loves earning rewards!
  • Balance – It includes so many skills to prepare or assist your child in school
  • There are 6 different activities – because all children learn differently
  • It is well rounded. Many programs focus on 1 skill (sight words/letter recognition/letter sounds/comprehension/ etc) ABC Mouse incorporates many different skills
  • MUSIC – We love music in this house and I especially love how ABC Mouse incorporates music!

The best part is, you can test the program out for an entire month for free!

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7 Responses

  1. jehava says:

    We love ABC mouse! We tried it years ago but, I need to do it again with my toddler! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Krista Nile says:

    Looks like something I might want to incorporate into my little ones schedule!

  3. What a cool program. It’s so amazing that he’s already learning so much!

  4. Rachel says:

    We love ABC Mouse! Also, love Super Why and other educational shows. Recently my 4 year old has been asking to watch the Magic Schoolbus! He then asked me “What’s a red blood cell?” Sighhhh MOM WIN!

  5. Kerry says:

    I’ll have to check this out! Parker loves my iPad but I try to limit her using it. Sometimes when we’re in the car it’s the only thing that’ll keep her entertained though (we live an hour from anything).

  6. Claudia says:

    Aww so awesome!! We just signed up as well!

  7. I have heard so many great things about ABCMouse! We have some great programs for the computer my two older kids use, and, but I’d love to give ABCMouse a try too, thanks!

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