Six Month Update


Stickers // Sticky Bellies


We made it six months! Beckett made it to his half birthday, and I made it six months with my two boys! I thought I’d share an update for Beckett and me, because let’s face it – I am pretty proud of making it this far.


Beckett Stephen – S I X months old

17 LBS 9 OZ

26.5 Inches

Outfit // Little Adam and Eve

Milestone Blanket // Lulujo

He isn’t too sure about eating solids, but is having fun tasting Avocado, Little Ducks Oatmeal, and Banana. He loves rolling and tries so hard to crawl. Graydon is just about the funniest thing in the world to him. He still hates the car, but will fall asleep in his car seat if we bounce him in it before we get in the car. B isn’t quite sleeping though the night, and fights nap time like crazy! He is one sweet and happy baby. Another baby boy to steal my heart! Oh, and I almost forgot, he is a drooooool machine!

Ashley – 27 Years Old (This outfit is in partner with

Booties/Cardigan/Tank/Sunglasses //

I’ll skip the height and weight (haha).

Between having a baby and the weather being cold – I still haven’t put my Fitbit back on my wrist just yet, I think I might have to go onto Mobile Mob and get some new strap styles to fit in with my new Mom style, however, I am afraid to know my lack of steps! I’ve spent more time in my home than ever before since having a child who hates the car. My weekly adventure consists of trips to the grocery store and of course, Target. I have a strong love for Dutch Bros Breve’s and coffee in general. Leggings and long sweaters have been my go to for style and I have an online shopping addiction (thanks to nursing and Thanks for sponsoring this look – a mom can never have enough basics and comfortable shoes! Also, thanks to nursing, I have the appetite of a lineman!


Some days I feel absolutely crazy having two boys.

I am definitely ready to start working out again! What are you favorite postpartum workouts??

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  1. Gosh Beckett is adorable!! Love that name too, it’s so unique. I think a trip to Target is a weekend adventure pretty much as good as any.

  2. Kelli F. says:

    He looks adorable! And I love your outfit.

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