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Dear Working Mom,

I admire you.

I tried it, when my first son was 6 months old. I tried really hard. I left my son, crying for five hours of work. It was the hardest two weeks of my life. Even as a teacher, in a mostly female environment, I felt no support.

I hope that you find support in such a difficult time. Whether it be your first, or fourth child, it is not easy leaving your baby. Obviously, finding the right child care provider that you trust and know will care for your baby while you’re at work is vital to make the process easier. Perhaps you’re looking for a nanny, or au pair, (you can look at au pair pay/costs at the Go Au Pair website) but whatever you decide, making sure you get to know the person that will care for your child is a great way to get peace of mind.

Balancing work and motherhood is hard enough. I certainly was not made for it. I do however understand for some it’s what works, for some it is what they have to do, and for some it is what they love. To the working AND pumping moms out there, well that is one tough job.

You balance motherhood, and work, and somehow you find time in your day to consistently pump. You keep your milk supply up, you learn to let milk flow without the one thing that causes that milk to flow. You sacrifice lunch time, you sit in an empty room, and you pump that milk to make sure your baby is fed.

The time and energy it takes, it’s unbelievable what you do.

You go home and store milk, you clean bottles and pump parts, and you prepare everything, everyday for that little baby that you love.

You are amazing!


Just another mom, trying to do my best.

For all you pumping mom’s out there. There are some really neat products to support you! I love these Milk It Kits – adorable stickers and signs to label and let people know what you’re doing. The stickers are perfect to label your milk, and the sign will ensure you get the privacy you need!


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6 Responses

  1. Jacki says:

    Aw I’m sure it’s so hard! I love this sign! So handy

  2. Fatima says:

    Thank you for sharing! YOU are amazing!

  3. Aw, this is so amazing, loved reading this, mama!

  4. Sandra Lucas says:

    So cute!! And would make pumping a little more fun 🙂

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