Four Wheel Drive – Monster Jam

This post is written in collaboration with Monster Jam!

A couple of weeks ago, the Portland area was hit with about a foot of snow. Graydon looked outside, and was in awe. He couldn’t wait to explore and play outside.

Well, as soon as he got outside, his main concern was the car.

Cue the toddler questions….

“How are we going to drive”

“How do we get the snow off the cars?”

“Is our car going to slip?”

This, naturally lead to his Grandpa teaching him all about the magic of four wheel drive. Since then, Graydon’s new favorite thing to ask people is, “does your car have 4wheel drive?”. If you drive to our house, that question will be asked.

His new favorite thing to play with are monster trucks with 4wheel drive. These monster trucks climb big mountains, drive on the snow, and are the coolest things to this toddler.

Monster Jam will be here in about two weeks, and I am so excited to take Graydon. You can find all the show details and a discount code on my other blog post here.

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3 Responses

  1. Patricia says:

    It’s so cute what they hold onto. It’s all about the 4-wheel drive right? LOL.

  2. Kelly says:

    My boys L.O.V.E.D Monster Jam. Greyson is going to have a blast and a half. Remember to bring some ear plugs for yourself 😉

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