Spring Break Essentials with Two Kids

Traveling with children is something I am no stranger to. When my first baby was born, I took him on a cross-country flight by myself at six weeks old. When he was four months old we went on a 40 hour road trip, and that’s just the beginning. Children definitely make traveling a little trickier, but being prepared can make things go as smooth as possible. There will be some things that you might need to purchase before going away. I know how expensive vacations can be, so if you need to buy loads of things for your children the cost is just going to increase. If it becomes too expensive, you could speak to Tower Loan about getting a vacation loan. It beats missing out on your much-needed break!

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When we do travel, we always travel light. I rarely ever check a suitcase and pack only the essentials. To start, I always go over a typical day here. What I need for the kids throughout the day and items I use for my morning and night routines. I then think about what we will need for where we are going. For example, if we’re going to the beach, I’ll want to bring Whites Metal Detectors along so the kids can have fun in the sand unearthing hidden treasures (usually bottlecaps, but sometimes a penny or two) that spark their imagination! But if we’re going to a theme park, that won’t be necessary. Plenty to do there already!

  • Clothes: I outfit plan each day for our trip. I always bring extras for the kids and I make sure we have comfy clothes for the airplane. (If you check your bags, make sure you have extra clothes for travel day. Traveling can get messy!
  • Babywearing: There is no better way to travel or get through the airport than the Lillebaby. Hands free, comfort and a pocket to carry your boarding pass and ID. I also love that the Lillebaby has a neck support to keep their heads from flopping when the sleepy dust kicks in! The airflow is great for traveling to warmer weather too!
  • Stroller: The GB Pockit is the perfect stroller for travel. It folds up quickly and incredibly compact. It even fits under the airplane seat! It’s small enough to fold and take onto rides at theme parks as well – this way you don’t have to leave your stroller.
  • Sun Protection: Swim Zip and Shedolane carries UPF 50+ clothing that are adorable, convenient, and so great for long days in the sun! I love California Baby sunscreen for any skin that isn’t covered.

  • Nautical Outfits: We always have one nice dinner during a vacation. Janie and Jack carry the cutest nautical styles for beach vacations!

  • Diaper Bag Organization: The Lily-Jade Meggan is the perfect bag for travel. It fits everything I need for two kids, and keeps me organized!
  • Water & Snacks: I load up on Graydon’s extra snacks and have our Pura plastic free water bottles to keep us hydrated!

You’ll find us going through the airport, doing Disney, Seaworld, and Legoland as follows:

Beckett in the Lillebaby airflow, Graydon in the GB Pockit, both wearing Swim Zip (in the sun) and looking dapper in their Janie and Jack at dinner. I’ll have my Lily-Jade diaper bag on my back filled with extra snacks, parasol diapers, and Pura stainless steel water bottles. & we are off on a much needed vacation and sunshine!

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  1. Jacki says:

    That’s stroller looks magical! Love swimzip and Shedo Lane!

  2. That stroller is so cool!! It really fold in to be tiny. Impressed!!

  3. Ahn Vance says:

    That stroller is so neat!

  4. Jenny says:

    That stroller looks amazing! I love the way it folds!

  5. Brittney Baxendale says:

    These little outfits are SO cute!

  6. Isn’t it awesome how there’s so many compact items that can help you travel easier with little ones? Thanks for sharing your tips!

  7. Tamara Goyette says:

    Hunter boots are a must where we live.

  8. The Ashmore's says:

    I have that bag and love it!!!! That stroller looks tight!

  9. Angel says:

    Love that bag

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