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From the moment I became pregnant with my first baby, the amount of stress in my life multiplied. There is no amount of work, no deadline, no boss, and no issue that compares to the stress of parenting.  From the day he was born, all I’ve wanted to do is stare at him 24/7 and keep him in a bubble.

Parenting is terrifying. Plain and simple.

You worry you are doing too much, you worry that you aren’t doing enough. You worry about milestones, illness, poop, food, and everything in between.

Even when my kids are asleep, I find myself constantly checking on them. My husband and I take turns running up the stairs to check their breathing every night as we watch The Office reruns or catching up on This is Us.

I’ve teamed up with Levana to share about how I get peace of mind when parenting. I received products featured in this post complimentary. All opinions are my own.

Peace of mind in our house starts with a quality video monitor. I love the ability to be able to see my kids, and looking at a monitor beats running up and down the stairs to check on them!

As a mom it is so important to have time to yourself, with your spouse, and to relax. Having a monitor allows me relax without thinking about how they are sleeping constantly.

This monitor has two cameras, and a split screen so I can check on both of my boys.

Willow’s 5-inch HD screen provides sharp, detailed video of your little ones on a side-by-side split screen. Verify, at a glance, that all is well with both your children. Tilt, pan or zoom the cameras to cover an entire room without making a sound. The cameras use infrared invisible LEDs, so you get a clear picture, whether it’s broad daylight or the middle of the night.

This monitor also has temperature alerts, plays lullabies/nature sounds and has feeding/nap timers . It really give me peace of mind in so many aspects through this parenting journey! One of my favorite features is the white noise sound.

It is amazing how the simple ability to just see your child puts your mind to ease. I honestly don’t know how I have waited this long to get a video monitor!


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  1. Jacki says:

    I would be so lost without a good video monitor! This one sounds great!

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