Dear Three Year Old Graydon

I’m writing this, thinking about what you would like to read when you’re a dad. I’m guessing when you’re in your 20’s or 30’s – you probably don’t want to hear about how much I love you. (Duh) I’ll skip the sap about how you made me a mom, how fast these three years went, and obviously the fact that I couldn’t write this without bawling my eyes out.

I think you, your spouse and kids (if you have them), will probably want to know how awesome three year old Graydon was. I could probably write a novel about you, but I’ll try to keep this short.

First of all, you are absolutely hilarious. You make everyone laugh, and that is your favorite thing to do. Seriously, even when you have friends over, you’ll do anything to make them laugh. I’m certain you’ll be the class clown, and I’ll be hearing about you in future teacher conferences.

You are incredibly smart. You hear everything said, and comprehend it all. You have an amazing memory as well. Your speech is what makes you stand out above others. Even though you’re a bit small for your age, everyone assumes you’re older because of your vocabulary.

You’re athletic and clumsy all at the same time. Your dad and I would be rich if we had a dime for every time your tripped. At the same time you have the arm of a future baseball player, and can run so stinking fast!

You love playing cars, and I’m certain you have every hot wheel car carried at Target in the past year. You also love monster trucks and anything with 4-wheel drive. You spent the past two months talking about 4-wheel drive and asking everyone if they have 4-wheel drive. (This started when grandpa had to explain to you how cars drive in the snow. You were so worried about everyone sliding)

You have a HUGE heart. You have so much love for everyone. You hate to see anyone sad. If I give you one sad face you’ll even let me play with you’re favorite car.

You LOVE your brother. Every time you see him you laugh and say “BECKETT, I want to snuggle Beckett”. I can’t even express in words how clear it is that you love your brother. You are such an incredible big brother.

You love fish, Disney Land, cars, trucks, baseball, football, the trampoline park, trains, dancing, and so much more.

This year you watched Cars, Cars 2, Finding Nemo, The Secret Life of Pets, Trolls and Finding Dory.

You love to know how things work. You’re fascinated with how and why everything works. You ask a million questions a day. You’re concerned about flat tires, broken cars and how everything will get fixed. B

Disclaimer: potty talk below

You have the most hilarious potty commentary. “This poop is so big” “it’s shaped like a snake” “get out mom this smell isn’t good for Mom’s ” “I have to relax”

Happy Birthday Graydon Maddox! We love you so much!!

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