Donuts and Babywearing – Featuring the Lillebaby Seat Me

When I was asked to test out the Lillebaby Seat Me, and was sent the Donutella print (compliments of Lilleaby) , there was only one place to go. DONUTS

First, I read through the manual, took it on some tests runs, and then I was ready to take it out! So on a rainy Saturday morning, we went out to my favorite Donut shop in Portland PIPS original!!

The Lillebaby Seat Me has a firm, padded shelf for your child to sit on. This allows for your baby or toddler to easily and correctly be positioned in the carrier. The depth of the seat is easily adjusted to fit your child’s needs.

My favorite part about this: there is no in between stage. The seat adjusts to your child’s exact needs for an ergonomic fit!

The insert can also be removed, therefore it converts to a typical Soft Structured Carrier! You can also use the seat and belt without the torso as extra support when holding your baby, but not needing a full carrier.

This carrier is so versatile and unique to meet the needs of every mom and baby!

It was the perfect carrier for our walk to get donuts as well ;).

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4 Responses

  1. Aly says:

    Aww Lillebaby! Doesn’t ever babywearing mom just dream of them?! And, now with a seat? I die.😍

  2. justine says:

    how cute! i love this — i prefer the baby facing outward because they can see everything.also, if the baby spits up… it goes on the floor instead of down your chest! HAH! the brown sandals are so cute!

  3. What an adorable carrier! I wish my girls would have let me wear them more often.

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