What’s a Gerber Pouch Win

Pouches, easily one of my favorite baby/toddler items as a mom. With great ingredients, kid friendly and easy for on the go, they have been a life saver on many occasions. Unfortunately pouches have also caused plenty of messes. An extra squeeze, a drop, or forgotten pouch can lead to quite the mess!

With Gerber® Smart Flow™, I no longer have to worry about that mess! I only wish I had these pouches when my older son was in the toddler stage! It would have saved me some mealtime messes!!

Since Beckett isn’t quite to the point of feeding himself, I spoon feed the punches to him. The Gerber® Smart Flow™ spout allows me to get the perfect amount of food onto the spoon – no splatter – no mess – no overflowing spoon!!

These pouches come in some great flavors. Whether you’ll be feeding your little one, or he/she is eating them independently, these spouts are sure to save you a lot of clean up!! 

Head to your local Kroger or Ahold to try these out, and don’t forget these coupons for some amazing deals!!


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5 Responses

  1. Meg O. says:

    How smart! I can’t tell you how many times my kids have squeezed pouches everywhere. lol!

  2. Stefanie says:

    Such a great product! I still buy them for Liam’s preschool snack!

  3. Kerry says:

    These sound great! Wish I had known about them when Parker was in the pouch stage. I had one too many squeezed out in my car!

  4. Amy Lu says:

    What a genius idea, the smart flow spout. My kids loved squeeze packs when they were little.

  5. We love pouches!!! Such a great thing to through in a diaper bag, or to get your kids to eat veggies….

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