Five Tips For Homeschooling a Three Year Old

Disclaimer: I received products featured in this post free of charge, all opinions are my own.

With a degree in Special Education and Elementary Education, I am so excited to be sharing about our home schooling journey with you. I plan on homeschooling Graydon the next two years to prepare him for Kindergarten. Learning has been something I have incorporated into everyday life, but I wanted to be more intentional with it as he prepares for kindergarten. I have to admit I have been looking into the prospect of Graydon going to Ravenscroft after hearing about the standard of teaching there.

Whether your child is in school or not, these are some great ways to bring structured learning into your home.

1.) Creating a Life Long Learner

The most important thing throughout the next two years is for Graydon to develop a love for learning. Learning doesn’t have to be boring. I want to allow him to choose what he would like to learn about. It’s important for him to lead at times and show me how I can get the best out of him. He loves the activities from Oriental Trading Company!

2.) Balanced Learning

I looked up the common core standards for kindergarteners and set goals from there. This allowed me to see what they will expect of him in kindergarten. From there I am able to scaffold to meet his needs. There are plenty of games and activities from Oriental Trading Company linked to many of the standards as well!


3.) Reading Books

Reading to him and teaching him how books work is one of the most important things. To be Kindergarten Ready, he needs to know which direction a book reads, how the illustrations match the story and to answer questions showing comprehension.

4.) I do, We do, You do

With everything we do, I model it for him, I do it with him, and then I allow him to independently do it.

5.) Learning based off of his interests

Incorporating cars, trains, and everything he is interested in, insures that he stays interested.

Oriental Trading Company has everything you need to set up the perfect homeschooling area. They have great learning activities, games, and all the materials you could ever want!

Graydon has so much fun with these activities. I love that Oriental Trading Company has options for every subject and at every level. You can search by subject or grade level on their site to find the best options for you and your child.



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8 Responses

  1. Nicole says:

    I love this mama what a fun kit! I have the fondest memories homeschooling my two girls before they started school and I hope you have the best year with your little guy.

    xo, Nicole

  2. April says:

    Love all these and looks like a fun kit that Olivia would Love! Checking it out for sure

  3. Rachel says:

    These are really great tips and such a fun way to incorporate learning! So I plan on homeschooling for k-12, but we have my 4 year old in a YMCA preschool (mostly because I work there and it’s convenient). So I’m going to check this out to ‘supplement’ his learning!

  4. JeeYoung says:

    Such a great kit, I need tips for things to do with my two year old at home while the 4.5 year old is at school!

  5. Jehava says:

    Really great ideas and way to go!! Your giving him a great start!

  6. Tabitha Blue says:

    I didn’t even realize that Oriental Trading had all of this! So cool

  7. Arushi says:

    Thanks for sharing this ! Will definitely try

  8. Such great tips! My 4yo is in school for two half days, so I’m always looking for ideas to supplement at home. Thanks for sharing!

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