Pave Your Own Path

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Freshly Picked. All opinions are my own.

Beckett Stephen, you may be the second child, but you my dear, you are paving your own path. Good thing you have just the right shoe for the job, thanks to Freshly Picked Moccs!

They say there is nothing like your first baby, but the truth is, there is nothing like your second either. The moment I found out I was having another boy, I fully anticipated another Graydon.

Boy oh boy did Beckett prove me wrong.

I thought I knew what to expect, since this was our second time around. I even went so far as expecting Beckett would be an easier baby, because Graydon had colic. Beckett was colic free, but came with his own challenges. From the day he was born and currently at 15 months old, he hates his car seat.  He is incredibly strong willed. Just today he climbed out of his crib and onto a barstool chair. When given the choice he takes the challenge. Why go off the short side of the couch when you can climb over the arm? His asthma issues, and now onto his sleeping issues. Beckett has been far from easy. I wouldn’t change a thing about him though. (well maybe take away the asthma, because that is no fun for any of us)

Beckett has been sure to pave his own path. With his strong willed personality and go getter attitude, he never stops.

He follows his brother like his life depends on it. He wants to do whatever Graydon is doing and to play with all of his toys. Graydon may be his role model and best friend, but this doesn’t stop Beckett from having his own strong personality.

With his Freshly Picked MOCCS slipped on his feet, this kid paves his own path. He climbs, he runs, dances and jumps. He loves reading books and Mickey Mouse. He gives hugs and kisses like it’s his job and dances to his own beat. He sings the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse hot dog song and it’s almost always stuck in his head. He loves bath time and making messes . He is one of a kind.

I  find myself buying Beckett his own Moccasins and clothes, instead of using Graydon’s hand me downs. With a personality like his, he just doesn’t always look right wearing someone else’s stuff.

You roar like a dinosaur, so Beckett my dear, you will pave your own path in your own Dinosaur Moccasins.

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8 Responses

  1. Brandi says:

    He is so adorable, love the pictures! I found that my two were totally different as well. Sometimes it can be a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mandisa says:

    The shoes are soo cute! I have to get a few pairs for my twins when they arrive. Thanks for this!

  3. leslie says:

    Those moccasins are adorable! My son would love them 🙂 My son sounds just like yours, lol. Very strong willed!

  4. Lexi says:

    Those shoes are so cute! And I definitely created a brilliantly strong willed toddler too! At least we’re never bored right?

  5. Rosie says:

    Omg how cute is your little one?! I agree, my two toddlers are night and day from each other. As long as they’re getting along though I can’t complain! Thanks for sharing these cute dino moccasins! My kids are older, but I have friends who are expecting!

  6. Livi says:

    Beckett is such a sweetheart!

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