What I Packed; Hawaii Bound

Find out what I packed for our trip to Hawaii. Packing light was a must for this trip!!

Some of the featured items were gifted to me. This post contains affiliate links.

We are traveling to Hawaii! Ten days of sunshine and warm weather, here we come. Hopefully I won’t be tempted to move there permanently by I suppose it’s not too late to try it now. Travel always inspires me and opens my mind to new possibilities like that; once, I even considered becoming a Travel Advisor because travelling was my one true love and I wanted to pass on all of my passion and knowledge to others who could share in my delight, but having children makes grand plans like those a little more difficult. So, I’ve had to settle for just travelling as often as I can and I’m a real pro at it. This time, as always, I am packing light; no checked luggage for us! With two car seats and a stroller, packing light is essential for our family to travel!

Here are some things I packed for our trip to Hawaii!


American Tourister Luggage

American Tourister makes luggage that is functional, user friendly, with a great look.

The boys each have their own piece as well. Graydon has his Cars carry on and Beckett has his Mickey Mouse carry on. They love having their own luggage to pack and travel with. Graydon may be the only one completely independent with it, but Beckett wants to be just like his brother, so having his own piece is a must! Those are great luggage options for the kids, but for adults there’s a great guide to show what is the best carry-on luggage size for you on Chester Travels website.


Swim Zip & Sh?do Lane

Sunscreen can be a pain to put on (especially a toddler). This is why I love putting my boys in UV apparel! Swim Zip and Sh?do Lane are comfortable, easy to get on wiggly children, and the absolute cutest!

I also love the women’s line to protect my skin as well.


June Loop Swimwear

I love their vintage inspired and mom friendly styles! They also have matching suits for girl mamas! Their swimsuits are handmade and could not be cuter!


Totokan Portable Monitor

Having a baby monitor is essential to our everyday life, and having one while we travel is important to me. Keeping an eye on my boys helps me stay relaxed and less stressed, which is a MUST for vacation!



Snacks for traveling is a must! I’ll be packing I Heart Keenwah, and THAT’S IT bars! Both options are healthy and a snack the entire family agrees on!



Babywearing is a must when we travel! Being hands free in the airport is so helpful. Lillebaby sleepy dust is also a plus for those travel day naps! Beckett loves to be worn, it’s so great being able to easily take him wherever I go. Plus traveling with a carrier is great since carriers don’t take up too much space!

Swim Stuff


With so many options for sunscreen out there, I encourage you to check the Environmental Working Group website to check your products rating to avoid harmful toxins! Amazon carriers plenty of clean sunscreen options including Blue Lizard and Badger Sunscreen!

Charlie Banana Swim Diaper

I love using reusable swim diapers! Swim diapers are only meant to hold in poop, not the pee – so it’s easy to clean them and they are good for the environment (plus so much cheaper)!


Diff Eyewear

Cute sunglasses and a great cause, what’s not to love?? I always love my sunglasses from Diff & cannot wait to wear mine in Hawaii!!

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4 Responses

  1. I am so jealous! You are going to have SO much fun!

  2. This is the perfect list! My oldest insists that she is going to go live in Hawaii when she’s grown.

  3. Angie says:

    I hope to go to Hawaii one day. Such a beautiful place. Very helpful list you made!

  4. Meagan says:

    Sounds like a great trip with a great list to pack. Have fun!

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