How to Foster Imagination in Toddlers

As a mom, fostering imagination in my children is extremely important. With screen time and toys that do it all, imagination is something that is missing in children’s everyday lives. I’m sharing how I foster imagination in my children, specifically, my toddler.

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Less is More

Toys these days do too much. They talk for you, drive for you, and leave nothing to the imagination. My theory is, less is more. We put the toys away and let our children use their imagination.

Dress Up

I always allow my children to dress up. They can be anything they want to be, and I want them to know that! I love the adorable styles Pat Pat offers for toddlers to dress up too! It’s never too early to start fostering that imagination either!

Spend Time in the Kitchen

I love allowing my children to help around the house and spending time in the Kitchen allows them to do that. Helping in the Kitchen fosters imagination because they can be creative in what they make. They can imagine that they are the chef.


Reading books about all topics. Read about space, sports, animals, and the world. Books offer so much for children. It helps build their vocabulary, teaches them to read, and fosters imagination.

Quiet Time

Everyday my children have time alone, quiet time. As they get older, this time expands. This gives them time to not only learn how to be independent, but build their own imagination. This time isn’t influenced by anyone. Graydon is almost 4, I love peaking in on him, and watching his imagination take off.

Fostering imagination in children is something that has to be intentional. It’s so easy to let screen time, toys and stimulation take the place of their imagination, but as parents we have to make sure this doesn’t happen. Everything from the toys your children has to the clothes they wear helps foster imagination. Pat Pat always has creative clothing that helps expand imagination.

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6 Responses

  1. I agree that less is more! I love toys and activities like these!

  2. I love when my kids get in their imagination zone….if you can push past the boredom and requests for T.V….it pays off!

  3. Aly Funk says:

    Yes to all of those things! My girls especially love being in the kitchen with me 😉

  4. Rachel says:

    These are awesome tips for parents. We have a whole bin of dress up stuff (a bunch of them are costumes from Target after halloween!). My kids love it!

  5. ashlee says:

    Less is more! And omg! That NASA suit! I can’t even!

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