Monster Jam with Toddlers

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Monster Jam is an action packed show with fun for all ages! I’m sharing some tips on taking Toddlers to Monster Jam and what to expect!


Last year Graydon had a blast at Monster Jam, and he could not wait to go again. This year, both Beckett and Graydon had the time of their lives. Although it’s a fun show, taking two toddler aged kids can be challenging. Here are some survival tips…

1.) Headphones

Be sure to bring headphones, and make sure they fit correctly. I am not joking when I say it is ridiculously LOUD. I thought I could do without them, and I had a horrible headache! Even with the headphones on, it can be shocking.

2.) Prepare

Show them a couple videos and talk about what they are going to see. It’s a new environment with a lot of people and loud noises. It’s enough to make anyone go into sensory overload, let alone little ones!

3.) Potty Break

It’s busy and like with any show, getting up and down during the show isn’t always easy. Remember to stop at the potty before you sit. Half way through the show there is an intermission that allows you some time for this as well!

4.) Competition

Download the app so you can get everyone in your group to participate in the voting, even the littles ones. If you have a child anything like mine, the competition is the best part. We actually had tears over his favorite truck loosing.


5.) Snacks

I know the rules vary depending on the venue, but most places allow toddler/baby food! It’s a fairly long show, and being prepared with some snacks is very helpful!

6.) Monster Truck Toys

Okay, so they sell some pretty awesome toys at the show, but they can be a little on the high side for prices. Target carries a ton of Monster Jam hot wheels products. Stop by Target before you go and pick up a couple to save some money!

7.) Have Fun!

The show is a blast, and fun for all ages. Put your ear plugs or headphones on and enjoy the show with your kiddos!

8.) Photos

Take some photos and videos! Graydon has been asking to rewatch some of the videos and reminiscing on his time at Monster Jam!

We had so much at Monster Jam. The boys were in awe the entire time. There is racing, free style, donuts, and all sorts of cool jumps! Be sure to check if Monster Jam is coming to a city near you!

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6 Responses

  1. This looks so fun but I have always worried about the loudness!!

  2. I’ve heard that it gets super loud! Those headphones definitely look like a must! Glad the boys enjoyed it 😊

  3. Great tip about the toys! Glad they both had fun!

  4. Monster Jam is so fun! We are going in April. Xoxo, K&E

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