Tips and Tricks; Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood with Toddlers

Disclaimer: This post on visitng Universal Studios Hollywood with Toddlers is brought to you in collaboration with Universal Studios Hollywood. As always all opinions are my own.

We just got home from our trip to California, and I am so excited to share about all the fun we had at Universal Studios Hollywood. If you are wondering how to make the most out of one day at Universal Studios Hollywood with toddlers, this is the post for you. We spent around seven hours at the park with a four year old and 20 month old and we all had an amazing time.

Here are some tips and tricks for visiting Universal Studios Hollywood with Toddlers…

Lunch and Snacks

The park has a lot of great options for food, but if your kids are anything like mine, having something you know they will like and something they’re used to eating is so important. The park has some rules for bringing in your own food, but as most places are, they’re lenient with young children. We packed the boys sandwiches and snacks to last the entire day. This kept them happy and full!

Express Pass

Universal Studios is full of fun rides that are not so toddler friendly. The Express Pass allows you to skip the line once for each ride in the park. Since my mom and I took turns riding rides, it was really helpful to skip the lines. Some of the rides had up to 75 minutes for wait time. With the Express Pass we didn’t wait longer than five minutes for any ride. This made it so much easier on us and the kiddos.

This was especially nice for the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, which was a must for me since I love Harry Potter!

The Express Pass also gets you reserved seating for the shows. With toddlers it is not easy showing up to the shows and getting them to sit any longer than they have to. With this pass, you can show up a few minutes before show time and get a great seat!

Parent Swap

There is also a child switch for parents to both ride the ride when your little ones aren’t big enough. There is a child switch room to wait in, and it allows you to avoid waiting in the line again. A friend of mine visited Universal with her young children recently. What was great for was she had a Cultural Care Au Pair from overseas. I wasn’t sure who it rewarded more my friend who benefitted so much from having an extra bit of help or the girl who seemed to be learning so much and mastering our language.

Kid Friendly Rides

Depending on your child’s height, there are some kid friendly rides in the park. Be sure to check the website for height requirement, but there are quite a few with a 40″ height requirement. Even though my older son is 40″ he chose not to ride the Despicable Me, Transformers, and Simpsons ride because they were a little too scary looking for him. He did however ride and love the Flight of the Hippogriff, which was also my favorite ride.

In Super Silly Fun Land there is a smaller ride that does not have a height requirement when riding with an adult! Both of my boys loved this one!


On the Upper Lot in Super Silly Fun Land there are plenty of places for littles ones to run and play. There is also a playground! On the Lower Lot there is a Dino Play area. This a cute little Dino themed play area that is perfect for little ones to explore.

These parks are both great to give little ones a break, and a wonderful place to wait while you or others are going on the bigger rides.


Universal Studios Hollywood has a few shows to see. If you are there with little ones, Universal’s Animal Actor show is a must see! The boys loved seeing the different animals, it was funny and adorable.

Studio Tour

The Studio Tour was definitely one of, if not my favorite part of the entire park. The tour is about 60 minutes and takes you through different movie sets!

There are some 3D simulated rides during this tour that are a little intense. For each one my mom and I held the kiddos in and the closed their eyes. My four year old is sensitive towards scary things like Dinosaurs and what not, so I knew it wasn’t something he would enjoy.

Most of the ride is calm and pretty educational. My youngest even napped for most of the tour.

It’s really cool to see where different movies were filmed and how it was done! This is definitely a must see when at the park. The line can get long though, so if you don’t have the express pass, check wait times and try to do it early!


There are so many great characters to see, including Hello Kitty, Curious George, Poppy from Trolls and the minions. My boys loved seeing characters from some of their favorite movies and TV shows!

Hello Kitty at the Animation Studio Store

The all new Animation Studio Store with Hello Kitty is the cutest place ever!

The Store is towards the front of the park is so fun for kids to check out! The Hello Kitty Shop has the cutest items, plus delicious and adorable treats!

Hello Kitty and her friends from Sanrio star in a selection of park-exclusive merchandise, such as accessories, apparel, stationery, souvenirs and collectibles. Some of the exclusive product offerings feature designs incorporating Sanrio characters into classic Universal titles such as Jaws, E.T. The Extra -Terrestrial, Back to the Future and more.

We were so excited to meet Hello Kitty!

Photo Opportunities

Throughout the park there are so many cool things to see and snap pictures of. The boys especially loved the different motorcycles and cars!


Download the app, and have a map. You won’t want to be going back and forth from the upper and lower lot either – so plan accordingly!

The app, as well as screens in the park will give you wait times and there is always help if you have questions to ask!

Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood with toddlers is so much fun! There are so many activities and things to see for people of all ages! Plus with the Express Pass, and Parent swap options, spending the day at Universal Studios Hollywood with toddlers is a piece of cake!

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