The Best Good Neighbor Hotel at Disneyland and SUV for traveling with kids

I’ve partnered with the Courtyard Marriott Theme Park Entrance to share about why it is the best good neighbor hotel at Disneyland. Also, a big thank you to Toyota for providing us with the spacious Toyota Land Cruiser to travel in style for Graydon’s birthday trip!

The Best Good Neighbor Hotel at Disneyland

We have been to Disneyland numerous times and have stayed at a handful of the Good Neighbor hotels. This last trip was by far the most convenient and nicest place! With this being said, even the staff at the Disneyland hotels are thinking of ways of making everyone’s experience even better than it already is. It won’t be a surprise if hotel booking software has been put in place, just to make this process a lot easier. Staying at the hotels at Disneyland is an experience, just like visiting the park.

The Courtyard Marriott Theme Park Entrance is the perfect place for kids. If you are choosing to stay at a good neighbor hotel when visiting Disneyland, I highly recommend this hotel.

Here are some reasons why…

Spacious Rooms

One of the most difficult parts about staying at a hotel with children is the sleeping situation. At the Courtyard Marriott Theme Park Entrance, they have the standard beds, plus a bunkbed for the kids.

Another hatrid of mine is the lack of pet friendly hotels that you never seem to be able to find when on vacation. In the past, I’ve always gone to Las Vegas on holidays as there are tons of different pet friendly hotels in Vegas. Other states? Not quite so much.

This insures that you will have plenty of room for the entire family, and everyone will be sleeping comfortably!

The bathrooms also have a shower, as well as a bath! This means the kids can take a bath after a long day at Disney, and someone else can use the bathroom or shower in peace!

Water Park

The water park at the Courtyard Marriott is so much fun! It has a water play area, as well as big and little slides. There are multiple pools for kids of all ages and a hot tub! The pools are heated as well, so you can even enjoy the water in cooler weather!


The hotel will also have fun activities for the kids from time to time. While we were there the boys got to decorate cookies for St. Patricks Day!

Birthday Fun

If you are celebrating a birthday, let the hotel know! Graydon was surprised with balloons on the door the morning of his Birthday!!


It is such an easy walk to the park! Right across the street is the entrance to the park. All you have to do is cross the street and walk through the shuttle bus area and you are there! This means if you need to go back for nap time or lunch, you won’t loose too much time!

Nice. Clean. Quality

Overall, the rooms are all nice and clean. The people who work here are incredibly nice and helpful as well. We had such a great experience here and can’t wait to visit again. The Courtyard Marriott Theme Park entrance is definitely the best Good Neighbor Hotel at Disneyland!

The Best SUV for family travel

I also had the opportunity to partner with Toyota and drive the 2018 Land Cruiser during our trip! Driving in LA traffic isn’t always easy, but driving the Land Cruiser made it a breeze. When looking for a family car, most people will look to a used car dealership in Kansas City or more local to them to help get their family from place to place, since most SUVs have the space needed for a growing family.

Here are some reasons to choose the Toyota Land Cruiser


There is so much space for all of your luggage, stroller, car seats, and family in this SUV. We had no issues putting all of our stuff in the car with so much extra space! Apparently, a lot of people with this car make use of this space by fitting some vehicle drawers into the back. Imagine the storage and organisation that would provide!


This car is quiet, comfortable and has so many great features. From the TV’s in the back to the adjustable seats, I’m really missing this SUV!


The safety features were key when driving in LA traffic. The blind spot detection was so helpful!

Overall, I would highly recommend this car. It is such a luxurious SUV with every upgrade you could imagine.

From our stay at the Courtyard Marriott Theme Park Entrance to our ride in the Toyota Land Cruiser, Graydon’s birthday trip was done in comfort, style and convenience! Find out about our birthday fun at Disneyland here!

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