Knott’s Berry Farm Birthday Fun

Thank you so much to Knott’s Berry Farm for providing us with tickets to celebrate Graydon’s birthday at Knott’s Berry Farm!

We had the privilege of visiting Knott’s Berry Farm on Graydon’s birthday as part of his weekend birthday celebration. A birthday at Knott’s Berry Farm is so much fun!


Here are some reasons Knott’s Berry Farm is a great place to celebrate birthdays for little ones…..

Shorter Lines

The smaller rides in Camp Snoopy were all relatively short. Even on a Saint Patrick’s Day Saturday, most of the lines went fairly quick!

Plenty of Rides for Young Kids

For younger kids they have plenty of options for rides! Camp Snoopy is perfect for toddlers. The height limits are all fairly small, and there are quite a few rides with no height requirement!

Laid Back

For children four and under, some of the bigger parks can become over whelming. Knott’s Berry Farm, especially in Camp Snoopy has a pretty laid back feel, even on a busier day.

Great for all Ages

Since birthdays for younger kiddos can also include older kids, it’s great to know that there is plenty to do for older kids as well. They have some great options for bigger rides that look like a lot of fun!

Camp Snoopy

We love snoopy, so the camp snoopy area is where we spend most of our time. There are so many great rides and we get to see the Charlie Brown characters!

The Jeep Ride

This ride is Graydon’s all time favorite ride, and it’s a guaranteed laugh for anyone prepared for the crazy bumpy ride!

Knott’s Berry Farm was such a fun place to celebrate Graydon’s fourth birthday and a fantastic addition to our weekend.

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4 Responses

  1. Looks like so much fun!!

  2. What a fun birthday party!! My kids love amusement parks and going on rides!! Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  3. LIvi says:

    oh my gosh so much fun! we need to take the kids there hehe

  4. Christina says:

    This looked like such a fun time!

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