The Perfect Purse After Diaper Bag

Thank you to Lily-Jade for providing me with the perfect purse after diaper bag. As always all opinions are my own.

Motherhood is full of transitions. We spend months preparing and packing our hospital bag, to years of packing a diaper bag. From the moment you have your first child, packing to leave the house becomes an event in itself. There comes a point, after so many years of carrying a big diaper bag though, that you are ready for the transition. Lily-Jade has so many options for diaper bags, but they’ve recently created some smaller bags that make the perfect purse after diaper bag.

Dress // Pink Blush

Lily-Jade Lifestyle

I’ve trusted Lily-Jade as my go to diaper bag through two children now. When I saw there now smaller, lifestyle bags, I knew I needed one.

Their bags are amazing quality, functional, last so long, and created with moms in mind. The Lily-Jade lifestyle bags may not be a diaper bag, but they’re the perfect purse after diaper bag.

The Brittany

I chose the beautiful Brittany in blush and gold for my purse after diaper bag. The bag is easy to carry, beautiful and made with the same amazing quality as the rest of the Lily-Jade bags.

I am able to fit all of my personal necessities and even my camera into the bag for a day out with the kids.

Kids Stuff

So I still have two kids. A four year old who is in constant need of snacks and water, and a 20 month old who also needs snacks and water. We’ve also begun potty training so we are still mostly in diapers/ prepared with a change of clothes.

Obviously I am still needing to carry just as much, if not more stuff than with a baby. The thing is, I can pack all of their stuff in their own backpack. I often leave it all in the car, or stick it in the stroller.

Every Little Detail

From the color to the material, everything about the bag is so gorgeous. The signature, gorgeous Lily-Jade lining with convenient pockets makes this bag ideal for motherhood. I love that it has a handle, as well as a messenger strap, and feet for the added luxury.

The Lily Jade lifestyle bags make the perfect purse after diaper bag.  I love being able to leave the diaper bag behind and carry only what I need. Sure, I still have kids and a million things to pack, but I don’t have to take my huge bag everywhere I go!

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5 Responses

  1. Brittney says:

    I love the color and size of the bag! I’m in the middle of transitioning out of the diaper bag and back to a purse as well!

  2. pujarini says:

    This looks perfect. I would love to own one.

  3. Tasheena says:

    That is a beautiful bag! I’m dreaming of the days when I don’t have to haul around a million things for my baby and toddler. I love the idea of them having a separate backpack for the car or stroller!

  4. Zainab says:

    This is such a perfect shade of pink! Love it!

  5. Barbara says:

    Ok, this is weird, but I LOVE purses that are bright inside. So much harder to lose things!

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