Preparing for Colds with Viral Induced Asthma

Preparing for a cold with viral induced asthma is so important. I’m sharing what products I always have on hand to prepare. Some of the products featured in this post were provided free of charge, this post contains affiliate links, all opinions are my own.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and have no medical experience. This post is simply sharing some products that have helped my son when he experiences a viral induced asthma attack.

bbluv Rino

The bbluv Rino is a battery operated nasal aspirator. The bulbs and the products you suck boogers out with your mouth don’t hold a candle to the Rino. The Rino gently cleans out your baby or toddlers nose. There is no filter needed, no leaks, and it’s incredibly easy to clean.

When my little guy is sick I spray the baby saline into his nose and use the Rino to clean everything out. This is the number one step I take to keep him out of the hospital.

During out last ER visit from viral induced asthma, we were sent to Emergency by our pediatrician. Thank goodness we have good health insurance! His stats were pretty low. The only thing that was really making a difference was saline and sucking boogers though. Although I’ve always done this at home, this helped me realize just how important it was to keep up with it and have the right products to get the job done.

Pediatric Pulse Oximeter

After a hospital stay, and a few viral induced asthma attacks, I realized I needed a pulse oximeter for my son. The first thing they do when I take him in for breathing issues is check is oxygen levels. Being able to do this at home is so helpful.

Checking his oxygen levels, as well as watching him breath gives me peace of mind knowing that he’s okay to be treated at home, or that it’s time to take him in. We have this pulse oximeter and it has been so helpful!

Spacer and Inhaler/ Medication

Viral induced asthma is tricky, because you can go months without any asthma symptoms. In those months it’s so easy to misplace an inhaler, forget the asthma action plan, and lose a spacer.

I make sure I take his medication with my everywhere we go, just in case.

bbluv Pure

The bbluv pure is a tiny but mighty 3 in 1 air purifier. It’s a certified HEPA + purifier with activated carbon and ionizing technology.

The use of a HEPA+ filter is particularly recommended for people with breathing problems such as allergies or asthma.

This air filter is small enough to travel with, so having clean air is something you won’t have to worry about wherever you go! I love how easy it is to move this air purifier wherever I need it. When it comes to viral induced asthma, having pure air is a must!

Hospital Ready

I never thought I would be packing for the hospital for anything other than labor and delivery. I’ve quickly realized though, with viral induced asthma, any small cold can quickly turn into an overnight hospital stay.

I keep our SkipHop backpack packed with all of the above essentials, plus everything he would need for a stay at the hospital. This includes wipes, a change of clothes, tooth brush and some toys.

Having a toddler with viral induced asthma has been a challenge for me. We avoid going places during cold/flu season, since even a small cold is a huge deal for B. I have stress and anxiety around him getting sick, and constantly worry about the next time he will be sick.

What do most people do when they are suffering with stress and anxiety? They smoke cannabis. I’m definitely intrigued to see whether this would work for me because I’ve seen lots of positive things about it, but it would be very dangerous to smoke around a toddler who has asthma, whether it’s viral induced or not. I also worry about having it in the house with a toddler, although there are cannabis storage containers to keep it safe. I’m hoping that I learn to deal with my stress and anxiety on my own.

I’m writing this post as he’s sleeping, and as I am watching over his breathing. It’s the end of May, and he caught an unexpected cold. I’m so glad I had everything prepared and ready for him. It’s night two of rough breathing, but I put him to bed after suctioning his nose with the Rino, and checking his oxygen levels. His inhaler is on hand, ready to go, but so far he is doing okay!

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6 Responses

  1. These are amazing suggestions mama. Being prepared makes those stressful situations feel so much easier

  2. Aly Funk says:

    That nasal aspirator looks amazing! I definitely need to get that for my kids.

  3. The bbluv products look great! Thanks for spreading awareness on this issue. And that backpack is so cute!


  4. Josh says:

    Really very helpful products. My uncle was suffering from this asthma problem. I will recommend him these products.

  5. Stefanie says:

    Our (almost) 9 year old suffers from viral induced asthma and has now, after his third 3-4 day hospital stay (and countless other nights in the ER), been diagnosed with ‘severe’ exacerbations. I’m still coming down from the stress of our last stay, during which the pediatrician actively prepared me for what she thought was a likely transfer to the ICU.
    I love your post and encouragement to get a pulse oxymeter. It’s always my first recommendation to anyone who asks me how to deal with pediatric asthma. My only encouragement to you is that the hospital stays do get a bit easier, at least in terms of entertainment! Our first stay, our son was 18 months and it was SO hard to keep him happy in his crib. Our last stay? He was pretty happy with sole control of the remote and no brothers to fight for it 🙂
    Best of luck to you and your child- the asthma journey is not fun!

    • Mommy On The Mound says:

      Thank you so much!! So sorry you guys are dealing with that too – it is no fun. That first stay in the hospital was definitely the most difficult <3

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