LEGOLAND California Tips and Tricks

Big thanks to LEGOLAND California for providing us tickets to visit the park so I could share all of our LEGOLAND California tips and tricks!

We’ve been to LEGOLAND a few times now, and each time we visit I feel a little more prepared. One of my favorite things about this park is the fact that, even on the busy days, many of the lines are still fairly short!

LEGOLAND is such a great place for kids of all ages, and if you’re planning on visiting, here are my LEGOLAND California Tips and Tricks…


Where to Stay

If you don’t mind spending the extra money, staying at a LEGOLAND hotel is definitely worth it. We opted not to, but staying at the park, and in a LEGO themed room would definitely be fun. We are hoping to stay next time we visit!

If you don’t stay at a LEGOLAND hotel, try to find a hotel in Carlsbad with a shuttle to the park. The shuttle not only has a different entrance to beat the crowd, but it also saves you some money on parking!

What to bring into the park

Sunscreen, t0wels and maybe even a change of clothes is a must! There are plenty of rides that have water features, and a water park (with separate purchase).

Don’t forget your camera, because there will be plenty of great memories made!!

Although outside food isn’t allowed into the park, small snacks and food for the little ones is allowed. We always pack snacks for the kids and lots of water!

For the most part, pack light!

How to spend your time

Planning your day is always a good idea. I always make sure I download the app with line wait times and the map.

From there we start to the left and make the loop around the park. We try to hit all the rides we really want if the line is less than 30 minutes. Any more than that, we normally try to wait. Half way through the park, near the new Submarine ride, there is a great place to stop for lunch.

Also check your kids height and see all the rides they are able to go on! G was just barely 42 inches and able to go on some really cool rides this year, he absolutely LOVED it!

Save some time for Mini Land

Miniland is exactly what you’d expect, so many cool landmarks and cities made with millions of tiny legos! The kids loves checking everything out! It’s a fun stop, and nice and relaxing!

Beat the Heat

If it’s hot out, or you just need a break from the elements, there are plenty of neat things to do inside. They  have 4D movies to see and places to play with legos!

You can also visit the aquarium inside with so many neat creatures to see!

LEGOLAND California is such a fun place to visit and a great place for kids (or adults) of all ages!

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