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This is the first year that I’ll be preparing for back to school as a mom. It’s such a bittersweet moment watching my oldest baby go into preschool. I’m a little sad to see him go into school, but I am so excited to see what the year has in store for him. I’ve teamed up with Babblebox to share some fun products for preparing for back to school.

Zenni Optical

With technology as such a central part of education these days, it’s so important to remember to protect their little eyes. Whether they are using educational apps, or watching educational videos, I make sure his eyes are protected. With Zenni Optical I feel better about screen time, knowing that these kids glasses block out the blue light.

Zenni Optical has so many great styles and choices for protecting your eyes. I love that they have options for children, as well as adults.

G loves that he has glasses that help protect his eyes!

Westcott Scissors

Having a good pair of scissors is essential, especially when learning how to cut! They’re so good, you’ll want a pair for yourself as well.

These world’s favorite scissors come with a lifetime warranty!

With their ergonomic design, kids can use them with their left or right hand. These are so helpful to have as G develops his fine motor skills and gets used to using scissors!

BLOT Supplies

BLOT supplies are not only fun and colorful, but work great as well! The boys couldn’t wait to break out all the great colors and get to work.

Graydon especially loved the BLOT mini Highlighters, and can’t wait to take them to school. They are the perfect size for little hands as well as grown ups.

The gel pens are also so fun to use and come out nice and smooth. Unlike many other gel pens I’ve used, these ones work fantastic! The mini gel pens are super fun as well!

Oshkosh B’gosh Style

Back to school clothes shopping is always fun, and I love that I can count on Oshkosh  for fun functional style! G will be going to a performing arts preschool, which means his day will include a lot of dance and movement. At Oshkosh, I know I can find great styles that are comfortable and easy to move in as well!

We love the Oshkosh boy clothes. G got this stylish long sleeved polo and comfortable camp print joggers!

Head to OSHKOSH.COM for some great deals….

20% off purchase of $40+ (in store code: 038222 or online

code OKBG3549)
Valid through September 30, 2018 Exclusions Apply

Snip-its Hair Care Products

We absolutely love using Snip-its for quick and easy styling. I loved how easy it was for me to quickly do G’s hair with these kids natural hair products. We all know how hectic mornings before school can be, and snip-its gives me one less thing to worry about!

Sprout Organic Snacks

Alright guys, I just got the email that I will be needing to pack a healthy snack for my son to take to pre-school. As much as I want to be the mom with the fruit and veggies cut up nicely in a bento box, I know that I won’t be that mom every day! Sprout Organic snacks are a delicious and healthy option. They are pre-packaged in perfect portions and so easy to pack!

These snacks are made with real ingredients are always USDA organic! G especially loves the Organic Crisp Chews! The curlz are B’s favorite! We are big fans of these snacks with paint powered protein!

How are you preparing for back to school? Are you almost ready?? I still have a long ways to go, and I’m definitely not emotionally prepared for my baby to go off to pre-school, but thanks to BabbleBoxx, they’ve made preparing for back to school a little easier!



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