Potty Training Under Two

Potty training happens differently for every child and every family. This is only one way and tips that worked for us!

Beckett just turned two and believe it or not, he has been in big boy undies for the past three months! After he showed a little bit of interest in the potty, I went full force, potty training under two.

[Disclaimer – I’m not a potty training expert and I don’t have any professional advice. I am only sharing what worked for us. Potty training under two doesn’t work for everyone. I’m sharing the good, the bad and the dirty for potty training under two!]

Potty training is one of those things that takes work. It means extra trips to the potty, plenty of visits to public restrooms and accidents.

The Good

  • There is nothing more rewarding than saying bye to diapers. Although we still keep them on for night time, for the most part, we are diaper free!
  • We have one less thing to worry about on outings, and one less thing to teach him later on.
  • Not worrying about potty training when he is even more stubborn than he is now! Going on the potty is just how things are done now!
  • The biggest one for me, not having two kids in diapers at one time!

The Bad

  • For us, there were more accidents potty training before two, instead of waiting until after two (like we did with G).
  • It took a lot more of my focus and many more bathroom trips when potty training  under two

The Dirty

  • Both of my kiddos started really understanding and listening around their second birthday. Before then, it’s really hard to explain why they can’t peak under bathroom stalls or touch everything in the restroom. Now that Beckett is older, he understands YUCK and No (most of the time).
  • Poop. With Graydon, our only poop accidents happened when he was asleep or falling asleep. With Beckett we had TWO poop accidents, and they are not fun to clean up.  With both of those accidents, undies were tossed in the trash.

How we did it….

I’m not exactly sure how to explain what we did, but I feel like I combined the three day method with elimination communication. Since we started before Beckett was communicating a lot, I had to look for his signs.

For pooping, it was pretty easy. He would give me that poop look, and we’d run to the toilet. For pee, it was a little more difficult. I put him in undies and let him wet himself – or run around naked outside. He started realizing after a few days that he was peeing – and that he should pee on the potty.

He hated peeing his pants, but also didn’t love stopping what he was doing to go pee. For the next couple of weeks, we took him pee every couple of hours. For the most part he would stay dry, but would occasionally have accidents when he was busy, or in a new place.

Eventually he started figuring it out telling when he needed to go. For the past two months he has had 3-4 pee accidents, and will run right to me to tell me.

My Potty Training Rules

  • No Pull-Ups or diapers (except for night or times when finding a bathroom or a tree is near impossible)
  • Take them pee at every stop. When we are running errands during the first months of Potty Training, we take them at every stop.
  • Rewards, books and potty fun. We make the potty fun, read them their favorite books and give stickers or gummy bears for little rewards.
  • Consistency is key. Don’t give up, they will catch on eventually! This tip goes for the younger kids, because I know 3 and 4 year olds don’t care about your consistency!
  • Potty train before they really know what a diaper is. I don’t even know if this makes sense, but for both my boys, after they were potty trained – they didn’t even think it was an option to go in a diaper. This was helpful for us since I have a couple of hard headed stubborn little boys!

If you are ready for potty training, good luck! Just remember, potty training happens differently for every child and every family. This is only one way and tips that worked for us!

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