A Yellowstone Road Trip with Children

Road trips can be tricky to plan, especially with children. We realized, since we didn’t know how far we would make it each day, we couldn’t plan much in advance. Our Yellowstone Road trip with children turned out to be an absolute blast! I’m sharing about where we went, and some tips for a road trip with children! One thing I’d quickly like to note is that I would have preferred to find Cheap Car Hire Deals so our family had some extra storage room, added comfort and so MY car didn’t get so messy, but in hindsight these things are always clearer.

We were inspired to embark on this road trip by our friends. They’ve just bought a new car from Conklin Chevrolet Newton as they often go for weekends away, exploring different cities by car. Consequently, we thought it was about time we gave a road trip a go for ourselves! Our car is pretty old and run down, so I was worried about it breaking down whilst on the road. I found a Good read about how to tow your own car before we left so I knew a little bit about what to do if anything did happen. Luckily, it didn’t and we had a great trip!

We researched different places to stay, and the route we would attempt to go, and from there started our drive. Our plan was to go to Glacier National Park for a couple of nights, and possibly Yellowstone if the boys seemed up for it.

Stop 1

Knowing we would make it at least six hours the first day, we booked our first hotel in Spokane WA. Unfortunately the air quality was horrible, so we were just there to sleep and visit old friends.

A Change of plans

The next morning we woke up and I checked the Glacier National Park website for campground information. I was shocked to see that almost all of them were closed. There was apparently a fire in the park that closed down almost everything at Glacier.

Not wanting to take any chances or get caught in poor air quality we headed straight for Yellowstone.

Stop 2

The next day we drove to Butte Montana where we stayed a night, just to sleep. We knew it wasn’t too far from Yellowstone, so our drive the next day wouldn’t be too bad!

Stop 3

We finally made it to Yellowstone!

Unfortunately ALL of the campsites were booked. Many of them are first come first, and they were all booked by 6 in the morning.

With kids, this meant we were driving straight through the park without many detours.

Luckily there were so many great hikes and things to see along our drive from the North Entrance through the South Entrance!

We even got to see Old Faithful!

Stop 4

After we got through Yellowstone, our next stop was Jackson Wyoming! We didn’t make it there until 9:30 at night and by time we got there the kids were ready to sleep!

The next morning was spent exploring Jackson. It’s one of my favorite towns with the cutest shops and restaurants! The boys even got to go down an alpine slide, and had too much fun!!

Another Change of plans

We had planned to camp somewhere between Jackson and Nampa Idaho, but with scattered thunderstorms in the forecast, we decided to forgo camping and make it all the way to Nampa!

Stop 5

We made it to Nampa where my grandparents live. We got to spend a few nights here, and the boys loved spending time with their great grandparents!

It was so nice to spend time with family and even tried out my Aunt’s paddle board!

Back Home

After our visit in Idaho, we drove the rest of the way home. We had a great time on our road trip, but after living out of our car for a week, it was sure nice to be back!

Road Trip Survival with Children

  1. Snacks – Bring plenty of snacks, and treats for emergencies! We didn’t have to give them too many snacks, but they were sure nice to have when they got whiney or needed a pick me up!
  2. Paper and Crayons – drawing and writing is a great distraction in the car!
  3. Books – it’s great to have a variety of books and/or learning books to read or write in.
  4. Videos – I reserve the screen time to the very last resort, but after a full day in the car, and with only a couple of hours left, I will turn on a show or movie for them to watch.
  5. Take stops when needed, our boys luckily did great in the car, but it’s important to plan for stops if needed!

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