Five Tips for Planning a Baby Moon with Kids

I’ve teamed up with PinkBlush Maternity to share about planning a baby moon with kids.

A Baby Moon with Kids

Normally a baby moon is a romantic getaway for parents before their baby is born. Lets be real though, unless you are a first time parent, a vacation sans children may be impossible. A baby moon with kids can be just as fun and a great time for the family though!

My husband and I have come to learn how fun traveling with our kids can be. Sure it’s not always easy and relaxing, but the memories are unbeatable! Anyways, we’ll have a lifetime of kid free travel in about 18 years!

We also thought a baby moon with kids would be fun since their lives, as well as ours will be changing once baby number three is here! This is our last little vacation as a family of four, with all of our attention on our two favorite boys.

Whether you head out on a baby moon with kids or without them, finding the perfect maternity dresses is a must. I absolutely love the styles I found from Pink Blush Maternity!

A kid free baby moon is great, but after this trip, I think we prefer our baby moon with kids.

Five tips for planning a Baby Moon with Kids

  1. Plan a couple of days just for the kids. For our week away we planned for a day at LEGOLAND, the San Diego Zoo, and Disneyland. You don’t have to go that level of all-out – places like exist and can be wonderful choices too – but make sure you’re catering to them too. These days were planned just for the kids, but I have to say, we definitely enjoyed ourselves! If you’re going somewhere completely unknown to you, make sure to do your activity research online before you leave, for example, search for some of the Best things to do in Iceland if you’re due to vacation in Iceland, apply this for any location you’re visiting, it will make activity planning less stressful when you’re finally there.
  2. Plan for multiple days of relaxation. Normally our family trips are filled with activities and things to do, but for our Baby Moon with kids, we made sure we had plenty of relaxing days without plans.
  3. Take time for yourself mama! Send dad off with the kids to the pool or the beach and just relax. Take time to get ready and feel beautiful. Do your hair and makeup and dress up in some cute maternity clothes!
  4. Plan at least one nice dinner out. Even if it isn’t perfect, I guarantee it’ll be easier now than with a newborn!
  5. Find the perfect hotels to stay at. Make sure it’s easy for the kids to get around, and that there is a pool!

PinkBlush Maternity

Whether you are planning a baby moon without the kids or a planning a baby moon with kids, be sure to pack cute pregnancy clothes!

I love all of the great styles and options that PinkBlush Maternity has!

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