The Best Baby Carrier for an Active Family

I’ve teamed up with LILLEbaby to share about the best baby carrier for an active family. All opinions are my own.

Who’s the LILLEbaby Active Made For…..

  • Do you love the outdoors?
  • Love activewear, leggings, or yoga pants?
  • Does your family enjoy hiking?
  • Are you an active person?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and you have a baby that likes to be held, the LILLEbaby Active baby carrier is a MUST.

Our family loves going on adventures, being outdoors and staying active. Plus, babywearing has always been a huge part of our parenting. The LILLEbaby Active has been a complete game changer for those adventures!

Five Reasons why the LILLEbaby Active is the Best Baby Carrier for an Active Family…

  1. POCKETS (7 to be exact) – The LILLEbaby Active has enormous pockets, and numerous pockets. My favorite pocket features include the shoulder pocket, which is perfect for your cell phone in a back carry. I also love the water bottle pocket on the lumbar support, which is amazing for hiking!
  2. MATERIAL – LILLEbaby has some pretty amazing options for fabric including the embossed and organic. The Active is by far my favorite though with the performance based fabric. The material is so soft and comfortable – just like your favorite pair of yoga pants! This makes it amazing for outdoor activities!
  3. COMFORT – Okay, all of my LILLEbaby carriers are super comfortable, but the Active is streamlined and more conforming giving you the most comfortable feel. Comfort is a must when talking about the best baby carrier for an active family.
  4. LUMBAR SUPPORT – When I’m not pregnant and breastfeeding, I have a hard time keeping weight on, which puts me at a size 00 at times. This means I normally can’t use the lumbar support on the LILLEbaby. Now this has always been fine for me, but for longer hikes, it’s so nice to be able to use the lumbar support. The Active lumbar support is made with one loop in the middle, so it’s much easier to get a tighter fit!
  5. MESH – The mesh on the LILLEbaby active is not only super breathable, but incredibly soft as well! This keeps everyone super comfortable and cool for all of your adventures!

With a two year old, baby wearing doesn’t happen as often as it used to. When it does though, it usually means we are hiking, or out for a long day, which makes this carrier perfect. I love all the amazing features the LILLEbaby active includes for an active family. I’m also pretty happy that we are having another little one so I will be able to use this carrier for years to come!


The LILLEbaby Active is $160 and comes with a LILLEbaby water bottle, perfect for the water bottle holder!

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