Disneyland for Halloween

We’ve been to Disney in the summer, Disney in the Spring and Disney for Christmas, but this was our first trip to Disneyland for Halloween! If Disney does one thing right, who am I kidding, they do just about everything right, but Holidays at Disney are absolutely magical!

We had planned to make a quick one day stop with a park hopper pass at Disney before we went home initially. After a little debating, and budgeting, we decided to surprise Graydon with two full days at Disney. We spent our first day at California Adventure and our second day at Disneyland.

California Adventure for Halloween


Carsland at California Adventure is Graydon and Beckett’s favorite place! Every Disney trip we’ve gone on has started with the Mator Tractor ride, and this one was no different.

For Halloween they have their Carsland sign decorated, Halloween music playing for the rides and decorations all the way down Radiator Springs.

The coolest part was seeing the cars dressed up for Halloween. The boys thought it was so cool seeing Lightening McQueen dressed up as a SUPER HERO!


Disneyland for Halloween


The next day we went to Disneyland and right when you enter the park you’re greeted with the biggest Mickey Mouse pumpkin! The Halloween decorations go throughout the park, including Halloween themed balloons!!

So many of the characters are dressed up in their costumes, which was so fun for the kids to see!

The boys even got a photo with Mickey AND Minnie dressed up on our way out of the park!

Going to Disneyland any time of year is magical, but Disneyland for Halloween was extra fun. They really go all out for holidays, and it was the perfect start to the fall season!

I believe some of the rides are even decorated for Halloween, but we skipped those since Graydon isn’t a fan of anything scary!


Tips for Visiting the Park


  • Bring a stroller and a baby carrier! We took in our Joovy Caboose S, and our Lillebaby carrier. Spending an entire day at the park, having both options allows the kids choices for naps and relaxing.

The Joovy Caboose is perfect for older kiddos to stand or sit on the back and hop on or off whenever they want! The Lillebaby is a lifesaver when little ones prefer to be held at times, plus it’s super comfortable, which is a must in the park!

  • Bring in plenty of snacks and water! This is a MUST.
  • Be sure to get at Max Pass! This allows you to download your photos and get fast passes throughout the day. Even if you only use a couple of fast passes, this is well worth it!!
  • Use the Disneyland app to check for character appearances, ride wait times and use the map!
  • If you can go during off season and weekdays, take advantage of it! The parks are almost always busy, but there are websites that will tell you how crowded the parks will be.
  • Do some shopping! If you are a Disney fanatic, you’ll find stuff in the park that you may only find there! The boys loved picking out cars that they’ve never seen before!!
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen! Even if you try to stay in the shade, you’ll be out in the sun a lot!!
  • Get a Disney Visa so you can use your reward points for all things Disney, including tickets!


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