Packing my Hospital Bag, Third Time Around

I’ve partnered with brands mentioned in this post to share about what I am packing in my hospital bag, third time around. As always, all opinions are my own.

Packing my Hospital Bag, Third Time Around

When I had my first baby, my hospital bag was packed very early. Moreover, it was filled with stuff I really didn’t need. Although I still packed early, my hospital bag was much lighter with baby number two. Moving onto baby number three, and my bag is currently being packed at 38 weeks pregnant.

There is certainly nothing wrong with packing early, after all, babies come when they want to. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with overpacking. It’s better to have what you need, than to forget important items!

For me personally, I’ve realized much of what I need is at the hospital, and I am fortunate enough to have enough people to pick up anything I may have forgotten.

Hospital Bag, Third Time Around Necessities

The hospital will provide blankets, diapers, wipes, and other important items for the baby. Here are my must have items that I’m sure to bring…

  1. Toiletries for Mom – If I’ve learned one thing through each birthing experience, it’s that the first shower after baby is amazing! A razor, shampoo, conditioner and body wash is a must! Make sure to go with unscented and clean products that won’t bother the baby as well.
  2. Take Home Outfit – An outfit for you and an outfit for baby! You’ll want something comfortable for this both of you. If you’re unsure of your little ones size, you might want to bring two different sizes as well.
  3. Electronics – You’ll want your phone, camera and chargers for sure
  4. Chapstick and Lotion – I know I mentioned toiletries , but there are two things that are often overlooked that are super important to me!
  5. Socks – because you’ll want something covering your feet when you walk around, and you won’t want to put your shoes back on.
  6. Earth Mama Perineal Balm and Spray – I love all of Earth Mama organics products, but these are a must for after delivery. The cooling comfort of the spray and balm helps everything feel a little better down there!
  7. Car Seat – Okay, so not exactly in your bag, but something you need to have installed and ready to go for taking that fresh baby home safely! We have the Chicco Mini Bravo Sport Travel System ready to go! It’s travel friendly, easy to use and easy to install!

Hospital Bag, Third Time Around Extras

Although these things aren’t must haves, they are still nice to have! Some are to make the stay in the hospital more comfortable and some are sentimental.

  1. Beauty – You’ll want to be in the pictures as well, and it’s always nice if you feel like yourself. After that first shower I try to do my hair and makeup so I feel somewhat put together. This is obviously not important at all, but it’s something I like to do.
  2. Pink Stork Recovery Tea – This tea helps restore your body after labor and delivery. It even helps with milk production!
  3. Freshly Picked Moccs – If you’re like me, you love those fresh 48 photos. There is nothing more precious than those first little moccs on a fresh baby!
  4. Healthy Human Water Bottle and Tumbler – I’m not a big fan of the hospital water bottles, so this time around I am bringing my own water bottle and tumbler for warm drinks. I love that these are BPA free, sweat proof and leak proof. They also keep drinks hot or cold for a long time.
  5. Bravado Nursing Bra – Having a comfortable nursing bra that is easy to use and great quality is so important. I’ve trusted Bravado through four years of nursing and I’m so excited to continue wearing them! I also like to bring a strapless bra with me just in case. Sometimes, I just prefer wearing strapless bras and therefore it is nice to have a few different options. You can get more info about different types of bras by checking out some of your favorite lingerie stores. Personally I love to wear anything pretty but comfortable.
  6. Cuddle & Kind Doll – If you already have little ones, a Cuddle & Kind doll is the perfect “first gift” for them to give their new sibling! They are so cute and a good cause. Not to mention, it makes for another cute photo opp during those fresh 48.
  7. Type A Deodorant – I mentioned before that it’s important to choose clean products that will be near baby. Deodorant is one of the most important in my opinion! I love type A, it’s aluminum free and made with clean ingredients. It also works great, which is a must!
  8. Lulujo Baby Swaddle – Their bamboo swaddle blankets are so soft and so cute. Another great thing for those fresh 48 photos.

You do You!

Every pregnancy, labor and delivery is different. It’s important to pack what you feel is important and what you believe you will need! Some women spend a lot of time in the hospital and want books, games or movies to pass the time or to use as a distraction. I was at the hospital for four hours and then two hours before both of my boys were born, so for me entertainment isn’t important.

Some other things to have that I didn’t mention….

  1. Entertainment
  2. Birthing Plan – I’m pretty straight forward with what I want and don’t feel it’s necessary, but I know for many, this is an important part!
  3. Doula – Having a doula can be so helpful going through labor and delivery. Doula’s are amazing!
  4. Photographer – Birth photography isn’t exactly for me, I really don’t like many people in the room with me. What birth photographers do and what they capture is incredibly amazing though! If you feel comfortable with one, you’ll have some amazing moments and memories captured. I mean just check out these amazing moments capture by my friend and amazing photographer.

What did you pack in your hospital bag???

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