Could it Be, My Final Bump Date

I’ve partnered with PinkBlush to share my final bump date. With no plans to have more children this is most likely my last pregnancy. Moreover, I’ve never made it to 40 weeks. At 39 weeks pregnant, I’m hoping this will be my last bump date!

Through each pregnancy, PinkBlush has never let me down. Whenever I’m in need of cute maternity clothes, I know where to look! This baby being born right before the holidays, I was so excited to find the perfect sequin maternity dress!

My Final Bump Date

I’ve made it to my 39th week! The past (almost) nine months have gone by so fast, and we are so excited to meet this baby!

Thoughts I’ve had throughout this pregnancy…

  • Not finding out the gender is the way to go! It’s much harder on everyone else. Its been so fun knowing that it’s going to be a surprise.
  • Expecting baby number three is a little scary. We are about to be outnumbered, and I’m not quite sure how to feel about it.
  • Traveling is about to be a bit more challenging…. I mean three car seats? I think we better start planning road trips!
  • I can’t wait to see the three of my children together! Seeing Beckett and Graydon together and their relationship has been amazing! I’m so excited to add another into the mix.
  • I have to go through labor again
  • Being in your third trimester during boots season is not easy. I mean I can barely bend over to get my pants on right now….. forget about boots. I need my sandals!
  • I can’t believe this will most likely be my last time being pregnant. Sure pregnancy has it’s ups and downs, but overall it is pretty amazing what our bodies are capable of!
  • I hope the newborn and baby stage doesn’t go by too fast. Who am I kidding though, I know it’s going to fly by. I need to remember to take things slow and cherish every moment.

The past month….

My pregnancy was pretty similar to my last two, up until this last month. I’ve been much more uncomfortable and so incredibly tired. The pressure from baby being so low is insane as well. Overall I feel pretty good, but it is ever so apparent that I am very pregnant!

My guess…

My prediction is that I will have another little boy, a little over 6 lbs, within the next week! Any other guesses???

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7 Responses

  1. Pam says:

    Great pictures, Ashley. You look amazing. What a dress! Another little boy would be so cute- I can see you with three. But I’d love a little baby girl to spoil. Praying for you and this little one. Any day now! Girl/ 7lbs/November 24/will love her great aunt.

    • Mommy On The Mound says:

      Thank you so much!! Yes either one will be absolutely AMAZING, but I’m sure I have quite a few people hoping to spoil a little girl 😉

  2. Kim S says:

    So pretty! I’m guessing you’ll be adding a girl to the mix!! Can’t wait to see!

  3. Brenda says:

    Ashley and Greg….. you know I love little baby boys…especially these two great grandsons of mine…but a baby girl, G and I are betting on, would be such a blessing and soooo fun! Hope you have girl names picked out….praying for you as you deliver this little one! Come on sweetie it’s time to meet your family!

  1. November 30, 2018

    […] I shared my last bump date here. […]

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