Modern Kids Shared Bedroom with Floor Beds

I’ve partnered with some of the brands mentioned in this post to share our Modern Kids Shared Bedroom with Floor Beds. As always, all opinions are my own and I only partner with brands I love and trust.

Modern Kids Shared Bedroom with Floor Beds

The Washabelle Mattress

With a four year old and a two year old, accidents happen. This is why I chose to go with Washabelle for their mattress. It’s machine washable, dry-able and incredibly comfortable. To wash, you simply unzip and toss the layers into the washer and dryer!

Washabelle is also comfortable for every type of sleeper. It’s the perfect mattress for every little growing body!

The Beddy’s Bedding

We are big fans of Beddy’s Zipper Bedding. The bedding is not only soft and comfortable but incredibly convenient. With zippers on both sides and easy pull tabs, even little ones can make their own bed. If your little one loves animals, you may want to pair it with something like a wolf comforter set or bears, dolphins, etc. The possibilities are endless and it’ll make them able to express themselves with what they like.

The elastic on the bottom keeps the bedding on the bed, and the top and bottom easily zip together every morning.

Beddy’s are not only convenient, but the look good as well. They have so many great prints and styles for every age and bed size!

The Ruggish Rug

When I discovered Ruggish, I knew it was the perfect piece to have in our new home. Their motto is, “Encouraging play, while protecting your style”.

The road map is not only modern and sleek looking, but the entire rug can be flipped over to a modern stylish rug. This means it can be used in just about any room and can never be outgrown! As we’re talking about rugs, it’s started to get me into the mood of buying one for almost every room we have, as it just makes the room look brighter and more appealing. My friend recommended to me that I should have a look at somewhere similar to, to see what types of designs and styles they have. But that will have to wait until a later date, as I’m still in awe of this rug that is in my children’s room. It’s just amazing.

It’s durable, made by a mom and non-toxic! You really can’t go wrong with Ruggish!

“We are one of the only products on the market that has been certified by both United States and European Toy Safety Standards. “

The Couchbed

The Couch Bed is the perfect addition to the modern kids shared bedroom. As a couch it’s low to the ground and easy for the kids to climb on and off without getting hurt.

It’s comfortable, cute and gives them a place to sit.

Having a two and four year old share a room also means that mom and dad occasionally (okay all the time) have to sleep over. The Couch Bed easily flips over into a Memory Foam Mattress.

I’ve slept on it a few times and it is very comfortable.

I love that it can easily be used as a guest bed if needed as well! Not to mention….

“CouchBeds are free of ozone depleters, formaldehyde, mercury, lead or heavy metals, and meet CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions and durability.”

The Dohm Marpac Sound Machine

Although one of the smallest pieces to the Modern Kids Shared Bedroom, this sound machine is one of the most important!

With two boys in one room, having a sound machines is a must. Also, having a large window near the front of the house means outside sounds are easily heard.

With a flip of the switch, the sound machine turns on and the white noise allows them to sleep uninterrupted.

I can’t recommend the Dohm Marpac enough. It’s been a lifesaver in our house!

DIY Canopy Floor Bed

16 2X2 pieces of wood measured and cut at Home Depot

1 can of white chalk paint

18 L brackets per a bed


Screw Driver

Someone like my mom who is good at putting stuff together!

Decorations & Stuffed Animals

Most of their decorations are from Hobby Lobby! There are so many options and the prices are always great! Everything I bought for the boys was 50% off too!

Most of their stuffed animals are Cuddle & Kind. 1 hand knit doll = 10 meals for children in need!

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