Brinley’s Unmedicated Team Green Birth Story

Brinley Ahn

November 24, 2018

2:20 PM

7 LBS 6 OZ

20.5 inches

Brinley’s Unmedicated Team Green Birth Story

My Pregnancy…

I shared my last bump date here.

After a minor cold turning into nausea, I picked up a pregnancy test at Target while I was picking up some cold medicine for the boys.

To my surprise I got a big fat positive! I say surprise because *TMI Alert*, I hadn’t started my period since I was still nursing Beckett.

I left it in the bathroom for Greg to see, and he was just as surprised and excited as I was!

We decided with this baby to go team green and not find out the gender. After having two amazing boys, we weren’t “trying” for a girl. Three was what felt right for our family and boy or girl we were so excited to have a new addition.

Throughout my pregnancy I had my normal nausea, no food aversions, no cravings, and carried small. Everything was just the same as my pregnancies with the boys. With there being no difference, I was 99% sure we were having another boy. In fact, we had the name Ryker picked out – with a short list of girl names we didn’t think too much about.

To further make us believe it would be a boy, my midwife made her prediction based on heart rate, and my nurse asked me what boy name I had picked out.


Laboring at home….

On Friday November 23rd I went to bed wondering when this baby would be coming. I fell asleep for a few hours and woke up around 2:00 AM to Beckett in my bed and some minor contractions. I decided to rest as much as possible knowing that I was probably going into labor.

Unfortunately, I was GBS positive (apparently something 25% of pregnant women have) and it requires antibiotics during labor. Knowing that it was best to get two doses of antibiotics before the baby was born, I could not go back to sleep. My boys came quickly and if this baby was anything like them, I needed to get there earlier than usual.

I ended up waking up Greg shortly after and warned my parents that we’d be going in soon. The contractions started picking up a bit and we ended up heading to the hospital at around 4:30 AM.

Arriving at the hospital…

I got checked into the hospital at around 5AM, the nurse checked and I was about 4 CM dilated. I walked around for about 3o minutes and came back and was 5 CM dilated. They then officially checked me in and we got settled into our room.

From here the contractions slowed down quite a bit. They hooked me up to the iv and started the antibiotics. For the next thirty minutes the most pain I felt was in the arm with the iv.

Hours passed…

Well we sat there, we watched Elf, and another movie and I hardly felt any pain. I even made a couple of Amazon orders shopping the Black Friday deals.  I walked around the room, did squats and lunges, and tried desperately to feel some pain. My midwife ended up breaking my water in hopes it would help start something.

& still nothing….

Around noon she checked me again and I hadn’t progressed at all. She asked if I wanted to start some pitocin to start something. I decided if I wasn’t progressing to start just a little bit. Well by the time they left and came back I decided it wasn’t the route I wanted to take. By then around 1:30, I was also starting to feel more contractions coming on.

Hello Active Labor

All of a sudden these contractions were incredibly painful and back to back. I felt like I didn’t have a break in between. The nurse came in and started to give counter pressure on my back. Well, she quickly brought Greg in to show him what to do because she needed to set everything up for baby.

As she was setting up I started to feel like I was ready to push. The nurse left to get my midwife and I was about to tell Greg he might be the one catching the baby.

The midwife came in just in time to tell me that she would pass the baby through my legs right to me. After two pushes I heard her announce the head, followed by the shoulders and I felt the biggest relief to be through with labor, but to finally meet this baby. She passed her to me as I picked her up and pulled her leg out to find out WE HAD A GIRL! I looked at Greg and we were both in complete shock.

It was literally the best surprise I could have ever imagined. It gives me chills every time I think about that moment.

It’s a Girl

We took our time deciding on a name, but it really wasn’t hard. Brinley Ahn fit her so perfectly. I snuggled her and nursed her, she latched amazingly, just like her brothers.

My midwife and nurse could not believe how quickly she came! I guess everyone was in shock that my room was preparing for the baby to be born with how little I had progressed throughout the morning. My midwife also told me that if we have another we should make plans for delivering on the side of the road on the way to the hospital just in case.

We announced to our friends and family and everyone was just as surprised as we were that we welcomed a baby girl into our family.

Family of 5

The boys fell in love with their sister right away. Graydon doesn’t stop talking about how cute she is, and that he knew we would have a girl. Beckett constantly needs to know where Brinley is and asks to hold her all the time. This girl is blessed with two of the most amazing big brothers!

I was a little nervous about Beckett transitioning with the baby. He is the biggest mamas boy in the entire world. While I was in the hospital he cried for me the entire time. Since we’ve been back he tells me he loves me and that he missed me when I was at the hospital at least four times a day. Before Brinley was born he wouldn’t let anyone sit with me or snuggle me. Well, now that Brinley is here, he is okay with her being with me, as long as he gets to be with me as well.


What an incredible blessing and the best Christmas gift I could have asked for. Our family feels so complete with Brinley here.

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