My Cozy Nursing Corner

I have teamed up with Stork Craft to share how I created a cozy nursing corner. Brinley is my third baby and third nursling. If I’ve learned anything through this journey, I have learned that I will spend many hours nursing.

Moreover, I have learned how incredibly amazing the journey of breastfeeding my babies has been. Creating this corner to go through this journey with my last baby was so important to me. My nursing corner is a place for comfort and a place for bonding.

Cozy Nursing Corner

Creating a place for comfort and bonding meant making it cozy and cute. I wanted it to be simple and clean, yet filled with all of my nursing essentials.

Storkcraft Steveston Rocker

Having a comfortable rocking chair was obviously the most important part of creating this space. The Storkcraft Steveston Rocker is so cute and the color is absolutely perfect. It was so easy to put together and the quality is amazing.

We spend so many hours snuggling and nursing in this chair and I am so glad we have this space and this rocker.

This is my first time having a rocker and I cannot believe I had three babies without one! This is definitely a must for a cozy nursing corner!

Bebe Au Lait

Bebe au Lait has the cutest and softest products for nursing. I always keep the burp cloths by the chair for spit up. The nursing pillow is the perfect size and allows me to comfortably nurse her while also keeping good posture.

bbluv Umi

The bbluv Umi is a 2 in 1 ultrasonic humidifier and air purifier. It’s quiet, energy efficient and requires no filters. It not only gives you the desired amount of humidity in a room, but cleans the air as well.

Keeping the air clean and adding some moisture in the air is essential for nursing babes. Having breathing issues from dry or low quality air can make nursing difficult, which is why I love using our Umi!

Other Essentials…

I always make sure to keep water nearby and a lamp with adjustable lighting for night feeds. It’s so important to stay hydrated when nursing and you won’t want to get up mid feed!

It’s also nice to have lactation tea or snacks nearby! I am obsessed with all of the Pink Stork products and their lactation tea is a must. The vanilla flavor is my all time favorite tea!

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