Infant Nap Time Tips with Three Kids

I’ve partnered with the brands featured in this post to share my infant nap time tips with three kids.

Keepsake Hospital Swaddle Bear // Stitches by Natalie

Infant Nap Time Tips with Three Kids

Figuring out a schedule with three kids can be somewhat impossible. I’m the type of mom who doesn’t like to rely on schedules. Our family enjoys getting out of the house, going on adventures, and traveling, therefore, strict schedules don’t always align.

Without a strict schedule and having three kids, nap time can get tricky. Here are some tips for infant nap time with three kids.


The DockATot has so many uses, and is a complete life saver for nap time! My favorite way to use the DockATot is as a cosleeper. All of my kiddos have loved the closeness of mom and dad nearby. The DockATot gives them their own space, while being near us.

The DockATot is also easy to take with us on the go. Whether it be hotels, to grandmas house or even camping, the DockATot can come with us! When we are always on the go, it is so nice to have a safe and clean space for our little one to nap.

It’s also multi-functional. It can be used as a co-sleeper and playtime lounger. I love that it is tested for breathability and OEKO-TEX certified. The DockATot deluxe is made for babies 0-8 months and the Grand is for toddlers 9-36 months. We love using the grand as a transition into the big boy bed!

The DockaTot is safe, has so many uses, easy to travel with and help our little ones feel safe and secure.


The woombie swaddle makes swaddling so easy with the zipper! The Grow With Me Swaddle keeps Brinley so comfortable and secure. When it’s nap time, wherever we are, I simple swaddle her and lay her in the DockATot when she falls asleep!

“The Grow With Me Woombie is a swaddle + wearable blanket that covers your growing baby from 0-9 Mos with a BONUS extended length to reach up to 18 months!”

There is no escaping the Grow With Me Swaddle either, which is a bonus for wiggly babies!

Baby Wearing

Baby wearing is a complete life saver with three kids. Whenever we are out and about, she easily falls asleep in the carrier and naps on me. Even though she sleeps well in her car seat, after reading many car seat reviews to find the right one, but I prefer having her close to me and to not have her spend too much time in the car seat!

With three kids, it’s also much easier to have both hands free. Holding a car seat, or pushing a stroller doesn’t give me the hands I need to keep my other two kids safe all the time! Furthermore, she sleeps much better when she is being held, instead of in a car seat.

When baby wearing I like to use our Soul Slings wrap conversion or our Lillebaby complete carriers. Both can be used without an infant insert, which is a must for me!

Sound Machine

With two other little ones and always being on the go, a sound machine is a must for us. This is the one we use, and we make sure to always have one with us!

It helps them sleep so much better, and blocks out the noise from my other two kids. The sound machine is a must when staying at hotels, or nap time at grandmas house as well!

Figuring out infant nap time with three kids is not the easiest thing in the world, but trying to stay calm and laid back, as well as being prepared can make a huge difference! What are some nap time tips that have worked for you?? I’m always willing to try anything to help make nap time easier!

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