Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

I’ve partnered with the brands featured in this post to share unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him


Okay, a man crate is a no brainer for guy gifts. They are so unique and offer so many options. I can almost guarantee you’ll find a crate that your man would love!

Mancrates doesn’t just do gifts. They go above and beyond, and make the gift exciting. I love that they always include top of the line brands, and high quality items. Whether you opt for a bouquet of salami or a crate your man has to muscle open, you’ll find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Baseballism Gifts

With baseball season around the corner, a baseball themed gift is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Baseballisms has unique baseball tees and so much more. Greg, being a former professional baseball player has a special place in his heart for the game. Baseballisms gives him a way to still connect to the game in a way that brings joy back into the sport.

They also have great tees for myself and the kids. Moreover, their glove leather bags and other items are amazing!

Branded Bills

Greg is a hat guy, and Branded Bills is his hat of choice. They fit well, look amazing, and they’re incredibly unique! The new fire series is perfect for Valentine’s Day. I know I can’t go wrong with gifting Branded Bills.

At Branded Bills you can find your state, create a custom hat, or choose one of their designs.

Bonus! Custom Designed Gifts

Looking for even more gift inspiration for the man in your life? Why not buy him something custom designed?

If you’re fond of getting your man personalized gifts, looking at getting photo boxers as a quirky yet personal gift is one you can’t really go wrong with! So cool!

If you’re wanting to go down the personalized route even more, you could also have a look into how you can Design Your Own Leather Wallet to give your man something he can hold close to him.

That is not all though! My best friend has recently bought her husband a cute Personalized Photo 3D Moon Lamp that is decorated with a photograph of their wedding day. I thought that this was such a fantastic idea that I simply had to share it with you. Lamps make such a practical gift too. There is always room in your house for an extra lamp, so it makes perfect sense to get one that is totally unique and customized with your own images.

Anyway, if your man is anything like mine, finding gifts is not easy. Over the years I’ve searched for unique gifts and things he will actually use and wear. I’d say these three items are three things I can’t go wrong with! I can always find a cool new Man Crate for him, add to his baseball tee collection or his Branded Bills hat collection. These brands make buying gifts for my husband so much easier!

If your husband is asking you what you’d like and you have no idea, take a look at these pearl beads from A Grain Of Sand.

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