Putting the “Family” in Family Room

I’ve partnered with PlushRugs to share how we put the family in family room.

Plush Rugs

Family Room

A family room should be a room for family, moreover a place the family wants to be. When we moved into our new home, I knew this room would take the most time to put together, in fact, I am still working on it. I thought originally I wanted something like a Moroccan rug with nice textures and designs, making the home feel very cozy, then I noticed some of the rugs I was looking at were very shaggy, so a shag rug it was decided.

I wanted there to be different textures related to comfort. A space to snuggle. I want it to be a place to create memories. Memories of movie nights, bedtime stories and playing games. For this I knew I wanted a shag rug, and was so excited to see all the options PlushRugs had for shag rugs!

plush rugs


When I found the Safavieh shag rug from PlushRugs, I knew it was the one for our family room. It looked so soft and comfortable, plus something the kids would absolutely love.

The color is perfect and it brightened the space. I love that it added dimension and texture to the room and it’s so incredibly soft!

Ordering from PlushRugs is so easy and shipping is always free! They have so many different options and types of rugs, you’re sure to find just what you are looking for.

Shag Rugs

Shag rugs can make a home cozier in a stylish way, but can also be a little more challenging to take care of. PlushRugs offers some tips here on taking care of shag rugs.

With the rug in place a comfy couch to sit on and a plant, I am so happy with how this space is coming along. Next on the agenda is to put something on our wall behind the couch. I have also spotted a few pieces of designer furniture on finlows.com that have caught my eye. Honestly, there are so many lovely statement homeware pieces out there this season, I feel so inspired!

Anyway, that being said, I’m slacking on putting up photos of our family so I need to get some printed. Let me know what you thought of our little family room makeover!

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